Batiste XXL Volume

Want big beautiful hair thats full of volume?

Batiste XXL Volume

I swear by Batiste, its the holy grail of hair care for me- the original is great at banishing oily roots and because of the rubbing action that you use when applying the dry shampoo, it creates natural looking, volumised hair that feels pretty clean. This month I’ve been trying out Batiste’s big and bouncy XXL Volume dry shampoo and I have some mixed thoughts on it.  As a product to create volume then it is absolutely BRILLIANT but as a dry shampoo, im not so sure.

Application is the same as all Batiste dry shampoos.  Here’s some before and after photos of my hair before going to work a few days ago.  A more volumised look can be achieved for the evening simply by spraying more product and massaging more at the roots.

Batiste XXL Volume does a great job of creating instant volume, without the need for any backcombing which is great for your hair as it doesnt cause any damage, plus its very long lasting.  I found that when I didnt touch my hair, the volume in my hair seemed to drop half way through the day but a bit of scrunching and massaging of my hair at the roots boosts the volume back up- which is great for me as I always play with my hair and therefore the volume tends to last all day for me.  Another product which creates volume without backcombing is Backcomb in a Bottle by Umberto Giannini, which ive been using since it came out last year.  It is fantastic at creating volume but I find that it drops quite quickly and cant be resurected, unlike the Batiste, and the texture is quite wet to begin with which I find is unhelpful and for that, I much prefer the Batiste.  That said, I dont love the texture of the Batiste dry shampoo in the slightest, I just think that it is better for creating lasting volume.  The XXL Volume leaves a strange sticky coating on my hair which doesnt make it feel clean so whilst I think this product is fantastic for creating volume, I dont like it as a dry shampoo as it makes my hair feel dirtier and i need to wash it out after a days use.  It does get rid of oily roots though like a dry shampoo should so I wouldnt completely disregard it as a dry shampoo either.  I’d say, give it a go and let me know what you all think, its down to personal preference at the end of the day.  For me, I love to use this on nights out, particularly if im wearing my hair down and want loads of volume or for if im putting a bump in my hair.

XXL Volume features eyecatching, pretty packaging as with all Batiste products and at around £2.99-4.99 a can from shops like Superdrug and Bodycare, its pretty good value for money too as I dont think that this is a product you would use everyday so it would last a while.  One of the original or scented Batiste dry shampoos would be much more suitable for everyday use, for me at least.  I keep this for evenings when I need to create loads of volume in my hair, or for second day hair that needs to look even more big and glam than the normal batiste makes it.

What are your thoughts on the XXL Volume by Batiste?


  1. Thick Threads
    October 2, 2011 / 7:58 pm

    wow looks like it works great! thanks for posting about it, I might just have to try this. xoAnita

  2. Adele
    October 20, 2011 / 7:18 pm

    reallllllllllly wanted some of this but its always sold out it looks so good! xx

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