Beach Bridal Dress of Dreams For A Destination Wedding

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Undoubtedly, your wedding dress will be the most important dress that you’ll ever wear in your life.  Many of us dream of what our dress will look like from being a little girl and for some of us, our bridal wear is not something that we think about until adulthood when the prospect of getting engaged to be married becomes a more realistic prospect.  I’ve always been someone who longed to be loved and who wanted to be a wife and while I can’t remember vividly dreaming up my wedding day as a child, I do remember envisaging myself in a princess ball gown style wedding dress.  Now that I’ve seen so many of my friends get married and I’ve been able to search online for wedding dresses (because back when I was a little girl, the internet was not really around… until the very slow dial up days!) and try some on too, I have a much better idea of what I would actually like to wear as a bride myself.

Remember back in May when I filmed for Curvy Brides Boutique TV programme?  Well I don’t think it’ll be too long before the episode airs!  You’ll be able to see me trying on a number of different wedding dresses and sharing how body confident I feel in them.  I’m not a bride yet myself but went on the show having been asked as an advocate for plus size body confidence and I hope that it helps to inspire some of you watching who really want to get married but are worried about what kind of wedding dresses are out there for you or how you’ll feel wearing one.  In the run up to filming, I had been looking at Provonias wedding dresses for inspiration with their latest bridal collections, exclusive designs and fabrics and they really helped me to be able to see so many different dresses all in one place and of course, I fell in love with some styles.  Provonias are a global leader in bridalwear, having dressed brides in more than 105 countries for over 50 years!  Their website has definitely given me some inspiration for when my partner and I tie the knot one day, especially as I don’t think we will have a traditional wedding… if there is such a thing anymore.  What I love about weddings in 2019 is that couples are really starting to put their feet down and go with the wedding that they want rather than what others would like them to have and I think that its great!

Marriage is definitely on the cards for me and my partner but we’re both pretty laid back about it.  There’s so many things that we want to buy and save for such as a home, car and baby that spending thousands on a lavish ceremony just isn’t for us and with two sets of divorced parents and many, many friends between us, I think a full sit down affair would be more hassle, stress and cost than we’d both like to take on.  Instead, we think we’d be more likely to escape somewhere abroad, just the two of us, to get married before coming home and having a big party as a way of celebrating the marriage.  That seems to suit us and our style so well and it would give us the best of both worlds.  We would be able to indulge in the wedding traditions that we would like to have such as gorgeous bridal wear, rings and the most epic band for entertainment but it would very much be on our terms.  All of our friends and family could come along to enjoy the evening without the stress and pressure of the formalities.

Provonias Hyperion

*image credited to Provonias

For my job I get to try on gorgeous clothes all of the time but theres something different and rather special about bridal wear.  Being able to try on wedding dresses recently was a real treat as it enabled me to see what I do and don’t like about various styles of dresses and it helped me to be able to have an insight into the type of dress that I would go for without having the pressure I would put on myself if I really was in search of ‘the one’ dress.  There was some gorgeous dresses with beautiful ruffle skirts which I really loved and often I’d find that I would like elements of a couple of different dresses that I would love to have combined into one dress.  When I came away, I knew that the kind of dress that I would want for my wedding day wouldn’t be tightly corseted as although they looked incredible and really held me in, giving my figure a really fabulously enhanced shape, the restriction just wasn’t for me as I want to be able to dance the night away comfortably and with ease and since I think we’ll have a destination wedding, I think many dresses will be too heavy and weighty for a hot day; I overheat easily and don’t want to feel hot and bothered on the day.  If we were to have a party back in the UK then a big ball gown is definitely something I might go for but for the destination wedding, I’m not so sure.  I also knew that from trying on the dresses that I love the look of detail on the skirt of the dress and I love A-Line shapes and the princess ballgown styles on me too.

On my wedding day, I imagine I’ll want to feel more comfortable and free, especially as there’s a chance that we’ll have a destination wedding so I would need to buy a beach bridal dress.  What I love about beach bridal dresses is that they’re often light and floaty.  There’s a Provonias dress that I absolutely LOVE called Hyperion which is in an absolutely STUNNING blush shade which I think would compliment so many skin tones.  From trying on wedding dresses in the past, I know that the bright white look is too stark for me so the blush would be a beautiful alternative.  I love the floral detail on the tulle from the bust down onto the skirt as it looks so whimsical and feminine.  The A-Line shape and the v neckline are cuts that I’m immediately drawn to and I know suit me and my shape so well.  There are so many gorgeous dresses for brides on the Provonias website but the Hyperion style definitely gives me so many style vibes of what I would love my dream wedding dress to have.

When you’re getting married on a beach in a hot location, it really is important to consider the destination, temperature and climate when you’re choosing your wedding dress because something very big and heavy could leave you feeling weighted down and boiling hot.  There are so many gorgeous beach bridal dress options available that will leave you feeling like the most beautiful bride without the excess fabric and weight that comes with some of the really big ball gowns!

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, it’s important to pick whatever style, shape, colour and detail you love.  Its all about looking in the mirror and feeling your most beautiful self in you wedding dress, feeling happy and confident from every angle.  It’s easy to feel as though all eyes are on you when you’re walking down the aisle and they are!  However remember that the best thing you can wear first and foremost is a beaming smile, followed by the most beautiful dress you feel happy in, so make sure that it’s one you really love!

What would your dream wedding dress be?  If you were to get married on a beach, what dress style would you pick?

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