Beauty Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

The current global pandemic made a huge effect on how we approach beauty these days. In the last period, the vast majority of people have opted for low maintenance, natural looks while the others went for bold hair colours and extremely creative ideas.

However, with the slight release of the lockdown restrictions, there are new beauty trends to watch out for in 2021. That’s why we give you insight into the beauty industry’s leading experts predictions.

1. Clean & Transparant Skincare

Many conducted surveys pointed out that skincare brands who are working on ingredient transparency are conquering the market, and rightfully so. People want to know what’s in skincare products.

This swing added a lot of pressure to companies who had to move towards more sustainable ingredients, whether via lowering the products carbon footprint, formula, packaging, etc.

Many brands are highlighting their use of sustainable and natural ingredients when creating their products. However be careful of words used in marketing such as clean or chemical free; every ingredient is technically a chemical!

2. People Flocking Back To Salons

After a while, people are looking forward to visiting a beauty salon. If you are looking for a Beauty Salon in Bath, check out the Wild Rose Beauty. They offer a wide range of beauty treatments but also makeup lessons! Very useful for emergencies or your daily day life.

Although it is not the right time for past luxuries we used to (e.g. coffee, magazines, and similar stuff), cosmetic salons will gain momentum in 2021.

3. Biotech Beauty

If you have not yet heard of this term, prepare, because according to leading beauty experts, you are going to see biotech beauty products everywhere in 2021. But what actually is a biotech beauty?

It is a term used to describe ingredients made in a lab that either create synthetic alternatives to sustainable and natural ingredients or fuse them with synthetic chemicals. 

As the pool of natural and sustainable ingredients is shrinking, companies are trying to be innovative and create safer and better ingredients to make the best possible alternative.

4. It Is All About The Eyes

One of the rare makeup sectors that significantly thrived in the last couple of years is the eye sector! What’s even more important is that there are no signs of slowing down in the eye makeup industry. 

Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that most people are wearing masks, so all the attention is solely focused on the person’s eyes. This pushed many brands in thinking out of the box, which led to new extraordinary shades and formulas (e.g.eyeshadows that shift between several colours.)

5. Rosy Lids And Cheeks Are Still The Essential For A Youthful Look

Although we are kinda forced to spend more time inside than outside, a small touch of rosy pink colour is an easy and fast way to freshen up the complexion. 

Just put pink makeup on the eyes and cheeks to make your skin look more youthful and brighter. Choose the product with Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil to protect and hydrate your skin.

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