Best Apps Every Student Should Use

There is nothing surprising in young people’s heavy dependency on their smartphones. After all, we get any help we need on those devices. Communication, entertainment, banking, etc. is impossible without our devices. However, many students know that studying without a smartphone would be completely impossible. Indeed, the tech industry has gifted us with so many great applications for studying. Living without them would be nearly impossible. 

Of course, you still need to know what apps to use to maximise your productivity and enhance your timing. Students will try many applications throughout their studies. Yet, for efficient studying, you really need just a few. Let’s see the best app every student should use today. 


Getting organised is essential for good and productive studies. Yet, it’s also the areas where young people struggle the most. Students often lack the experience of juggling too many things at once. So they need help organising their thoughts, notes, plans, schedules, etc. Evernote is just the right tool for that task. Evernote is a perfect app for making notes and organising them in perfect order. 

Thus, students can use Evernote to make notes during classes, make plans, create to-do lists, and schedules, or even work on essays and such. The app works on multiple devices at once. You can work online and offline. The notes will synchronise later. In addition, the app comes with multiple templates to help you layout the notes. Also, you can categorise your notes by labelling them, putting tags, or separating them into different notebooks. All of that eases your future search and adds structure to your notes. 


SimpleMind is a perfect brainstorming tool. Needless to say, all students should have such an app on their phones. Working in SimpleMind can help you organise your thoughts and develop new ideas on the matter. You get to write any type of thoughts that comes into your mind and later map them in the right order, connecting them to the rest of the ideas. Overall, SimpleMind is a perfect application when you need to write a long essay or research paper. There, you’ll be able to put all your ideas on the topic and see how well they connect. Of course, if writing essays is not your strongest skill, you can always find essays help online and get truly professional help. Though, we strongly recommend using SimpleMind whenever you need to put an order into your thoughts and plans. 


A student’s life is full of stress and pressure. That is why young people need to try Calm. This application will do anything to make you at peace with yourself. For instance, here you can listen to calm, relaxing or energising music suitable for any occasion. Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Calm has music or even bedtime stories for that. In fact, you may even pick your favourite celebrity to read a bedtime story to you. 

Do you learn how to meditate? Calm has numerous meditation teachers of different styles to guide you in your first practices. Overall, Calm is what you might have never thought you needed, but you surely won’t regret having it on your phone at any time. 


Of course, every student must have heard or even tried Grammarly by now. After all, it’s an essential writing tool. Grammarly can help you with so many things. First, this software helps you proofread your writing pieces. This app can detect any errors in your text, from grammar and punctuation to style and clarity. It’s a great tool for editing your text and polishing it to perfection. 

Grammarly can also serve you as a plagiarism checker. Although this app’s function is available only in the paid version, the service is worth its money. However, for the most part, you can use Grammarly for free and still expect decent services. Also, you can download the Grammarly keyboard on your mobile devices. This way, you will never worry about misspelt or grammar mistakes in your texts or emails. 

Stay Focused

Sometimes, the hardest part of doing homework is finding the peace of mind. Concentrating on the task in front of you can get hard at times. It’s especially true for young people who live on their smartphones. Of course, with so much happening online, getting focused on studying can become quite a challenge. Fortunately, students can find help with Stay Focused.

Stay Focused is a blocking app. Hence, it will block any apps and sites on your devices as long as you put them on a list. You get to set a timer and block everything that doesn’t serve you during your study hours. You won’t be able to enter any of the blocked sites and apps till your time is up. Don’t worry, though. In Stay Focused, you can set short breaks for when you need to rest. So, you won’t be cut out from the world completely.

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