Best Locations For a Couples Getaway

Many couples will be looking to set off for a romantic holiday this year, especially with international travel being a realistic option once again. You are spoilt for choice for romantic destinations around Europe, so this post will look at a few of the best places that are worth looking into for couples.



Venice is often one of the first cities mentioned when discussing romantic destinations and this is for good reason. There is something otherworldly about the floating city and it is somewhere that everyone should see at some point, especially over concerns over the city slowly sinking. The city has a lot to offerbeyond the canals and gondolas, especially when it comes to Italian food and wine (an important part of any romantic holiday!).



Those seeking a sun, sea and sand trip should consider a trip to Corfu. A Greek island off the northwest coast, here you are treated to a beautiful climate along with rugged mountains, towns with historic remains and resorts all along the coast. Make sure to book hotel transfers ahead of time as it can get busy during the summer months.



Of course, Paris is always an option and there is a good reason why it is known as the city of love. Paris is a fabulous city for art and culture, so it is easy to spend your time exploring the city on foot and checking out the many highlights along the way, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the many cafes, shops, bars and bookshops.



Prague is another excellent choice for couples as a city that has something for everyone and somewhere quite different to the more mainstream destinations. Prague has many attractions throughout, including the Old Town, Charles Bridge and Prague castle. This is also a city known for its nightlife, so if you enjoy a good night out as a couple then you are spoilt for choice here with the restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs. 


These are a few of the best places around Europe for couples seeking a romantic getaway. There are many fantastic places all over Europe that are well-suited to couples, but it is hard to beat any of the above destinations as they are romantic places with a lot to see and do during your trip. It has been a long time for many people, so you will want to make this trip a special one and these are the best destinations for a special trip with your partner.

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