Best Travel Apps to Help You Travel Better in 2023

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Buying airline tickets, booking accommodations, navigating a new city, and finding places to go to are now all being done on the screen of a smartphone. To make matters even easier, instead of swiping through a million unrelated tabs, you can now install a specialized travel app for all-in-one travel management. App stores are increasingly full of travel apps, all promising to provide the best experience, so to help you narrow in on the one worth choosing, here are our picks for the best travel apps available today.

   Google Maps

This long-established travel companion is a must-have for any modern traveler. Whether you drive a car, use public transport, or walk, this GPS navigation service is a tool of choice to get to any destination quickly and efficiently. 


Google Maps offers its users surprising precision and an impressive database, stapling it as the most trusted and used GPS service by a long shot. Workers at Google constantly re-scan and update their maps to account for any changes in infrastructure layout or travel roots. It’s not always easy to hook up to a network connection while abroad, so Google Maps allows you to download data locally for offline use. 


Airbnb is an online platform for offering or finding daily rental accommodations for travelers. A lot of people prefer a home environment to a cold and detached aura of a hotel. 

With the Airbnb app, you can simply enter your arrival & departure dates, set other filters like price range and proximity, and find your best match. 


The app is perfect for organizing your travel plans while on the go, as you can check all of your reservations under the “Trips” page, where you can also read the address and driving instructions, get in touch with the host, or make changes to your reservation. Once you’ve made a reservation, you may also look into and reserve other local activities in your location, such as theatres, site tours, and concerts.


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Flighttradar24 is an app and a website that allow you to track global air traffic in real time. You can quickly look up planes’ whereabouts and find flight information like landing times, possible delays, and even aircraft type. This service started out as a gimmick for aviation enthusiasts but quickly evolved, added features, and became a highly useful travel tool. The app itself is free, and the main features are accessible to all users, but you can also choose to upgrade to a premium subscription for complete access.

   Google Tips

Not sure how much to tip when abroad? Tipping habits vary between cultures. To avoid uncomfortable situations, consult Google tips. This app will tell you how much you should tip in over 200 countries. The app includes a tip calculator where you can input an exact bill, and it tells you the appropriate amount. 


The Google tips app also includes a currency, unit converter, and other practical tools for tourists. 


Expedia is a hub for entire travel management. You can bundle your place of stay with the flight schedules and a car rental. The app takes in your plans and preferences and comes up with the cheapest and most convenient options. But the role of Expedia doesn’t end in the planning stage; it also advises you on local places you can visit and updates you on events you can attend. The Expedia app is truly an all-in-one-place travel tool. has long established itself as a go-to service for finding travel accommodations worldwide. The app lists hotels, as well as flats and houses, and offers many different kinds of arrangements. You can check all the features and services a facility offers, like parking lots and shuttle services, and make a fully informed decision. If you are going to travel as a student, you are likely looking for cheaper and more youthful alternatives to a classic hotel; Booking app lets you set a price range and offers cheaper staying options like sharing a house with other travelers or even the host. 

   Final Thoughts

For most people, traveling is a rare occasion, which is why it’s important to make the most out of your trip. Planning a trip may seem like a chore, but research repeatedly shows that it can improve your mental health. Modern gadgets are improving every aspect of our lives, and traveling is no exception. Apps listed here will help you plan your trip quickly and efficiently, as well as guide you around your destination. Use every means at your disposal to make your trip special!


Ashley Carter is a professional photographer and a travel enthusiast. She is regularly on the move and managed to visit more than 30 countries. Ashley documents all her trips with her camera and often hosts a small exhibition afterward for friends and family.

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