Best winter tyres for your road bike

As winter begins and the bad weather sets in, you must carefully consider how to travel. As roads become slippery, keeping your balance and staying on track can be a difficult task. Preparing yourself for the poor road conditions is vital for your safety and, there’s no better time to get ahead.

If cycling is your transport of choice, it’s time to ditch the slick, fast tyres and opt for a sturdier choice. Cycling in icy conditions with a thin tread could leave you at risk of serious harm. You not only risk hurting yourself, but you could end up ruining your bike. Before attempting to cycle in risky conditions, it’s sensible to take out road cycle insurance. This protects you from any unexpected costs and damage that may occur. 

So, we have collated a list of the best winter tyres for your road bike to you safe this winter. 

Panaracer Race A Evo 4 Winter Tyres

We begin with a strong contender. The Panaracer is a reliable, hard-wearing tyre that will keep you going through the winter months. Whether you decide to ride in the wind or the rain, these tyres roll well in all weather types. 

If you love a challenge and like to test your speed, you can rely on the Panaracer’s great grip around corners. So, you can feel safe while testing your skills. 

The Panaracer copes well against punctures, giving peace of mind and helping you get the most from your purchase. 

Schwalbe Durano

The Schwalbe has been rigorously tried and tested in a variety of weather conditions. Its tread and puncture resistance perform well in winter weather and is recognised as a great option amongst the cycling community.

The Schwalbe feels light but performs as a winter tyre should, making it all the more incredible. What’s more, it’s available in different colours so you can pimp your bike ready for the festive season. 

Michelin Lithion 2 Winter Tyres

If you want a tyre that’s going to help you tackle adverse weather whilst being great value for money, the Michelin is the way to go. Winter tyres can often be expensive, but the Michelin remains affordable and accessible for all. 

The Michelin tyres shine when they’re attacking corners. They have great grip and aren’t slippery, so you can keep going for longer. However, Michelin’s downfall appears to be steep, wet hills. So, if you’re planning any hilly journeys in the wet weather, these may not be the winter tyres for you.

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