Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution Review

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m a bit of a skincare junkie- I just cant get enough of it and have felt this way since I was in my early teens.  For the last couple of years I’ve been really loving cleansing waters, or clear lotions, on a cotton pad in my skincare routine, over cream cleansers on cotton pads.  That’s because I find cleansing waters much more refreshing and more efficient at removing my make up.

The cleansing water I’m using at the moment is by the famous Bioderma which is a French pharmacy skincare brand that made its way over to British soil last year, much to my delight, and won five awards in a matter of months!  Bioderma developed the words first micellar waters back in 1991 and quickly became an industry and dermatologist favourite as they prove time and time again how they can’t be beaten on efficacy, safety, ingredients and results.

The Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution is specially formulated for sensitive, dehydrated skin which mine certainly is.  Whilst I do have particularly oily skin, it is definitely dehydrated too and in need of a moisture boost.  I often find that there is a misconception that oily skin needs to be starved of moisture, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, more often than not, oily skin is incredibly dehydrated deep down and in some cases, that’s what makes it produce excess oil in a way of over compensating for the lack of hydration.  With that in mind, a lot of skincare routines should focus on using targeted products for the skins condition whilst hydrating it.  I’ve been using the Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution to do just that and it has fitted in really well to my skincare routine.

Designed to cleanse, remove make up and moisturise, this cleansing water does it all.  I use it first thing on a morning as part of my skincare routine- either after my cream cleanse with my Riosonicleanse or on its own, swept over my skin with a cotton pad.  It effectively removes any impurities that have built up on my skin overnight and really refreshes my skin.  Whilst it doesn’t have a scent to it, it feels awakening and is a refreshing boost first thing on a morning.  I follow up with a light serum or moisturiser (the ones I’m using at the moment are the Cell Food serum and the Moisture Milk, both from Elemental Herbology) and find that this really gives my skin the hydration it needs first thing on a morning.

Using targeted hydrating products makes a big difference to my skin throughout the day, particularly to how long my make up lasts as I find that my skin doesn’t get as oily throughout the day which is an absolute miracle when you have super oily skin like me!

Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution*

When I get home, I use the Bioderma cleansing water on a cotton pad to remove the bulk of my make up and then I do a deep cleanse with a cream cleanser and either my face/muslin cloth or my Riosonicleanse (depending on whether I’ve used it on the morning).  Sometimes I do this the other way around depending on how much make up I’ve got on; if it’s a lot of make up then I find that this cleanser is really good at getting all but the most deep set of make up off my face, including waterproof mascara if you hold the cotton pad over the eyelid for 20 seconds or so to soak and even eyelash glue, and if I’m not wearing a lot of make up and I go in with the cream cleanser first, then I find that using the Bioderma afterwards really refreshes and calms my skin down and puts some moisture back into it; which is quite a good job well done considering it feels as though I’m just applying water to my face.

The Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution has the texture and feel of water but the power of a formula one cleanser.  It is a great make up and dirt remover and glides over the skin on a cotton pad, without irritating the skin, causing spots or redness and it doesn’t block the pores.  It leaves the skin feeling clean, without being tight or squeeky (it doesn’t contain alcohol so you’ll never get that stripped feeling) and it looks brighter and feels soft after use.  I am very, very happy that I tried this cleansing water and would definitely repurchase it.

I cannot recommend this cleanser enough if you have oily skin like I do but also if you have dry skin too as I couldn’t think of a better cleanser- something light, that will remove your make up, clean your skin and not dry it out- perfect!  It hasn’t once broken me out either so I’d definitely say that it is a one to try even if you have sensitive, acne prone skin as it is very calming and doesn’t make the skin red.

I have been buying the Bioderma Sebium H20 Micelle Solution, which is the one designed for oily skin, from Escentual, where I tend to buy all of my French pharmacy brands from (like Avene and Klorane) for the last year but I think when I run out of this bottle I’ll repurchase it from there instead of the oily skin one.  I think they’re definitely on par with one another and whilst I don’t like one more than the other, I think that the Hydrabio is definitely the micelle water that is most suited my skin type at the moment as my skin is drinking up the hydration with the warmer weather coming.  Bring it on I say!

The best thing about the Bioderma range of products is that they’re available in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml size bottles depending on which type you go for.  This means that there is one for your hand luggage bag when you’re travelling, one for your skincare bag like the 250ml one I have here and one for your bathroom counter top in the form of the 500ml bottle.

The 250ml Biodera Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution is available for £9.99 on Escentual or on Amazon for £12.09 and Lloyds Pharmacy for £10.

What are your favourite Bioderma products?  If you have oily skin, do you have any skincare recommendations for me?  I’d love to hear them!

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    Wow amazing review I am going to try the 250ML bottle! X

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