Black Et Blanc Mycrolator Review

The Mycrolator Skin Prep with Filtered facial oil serums from Black Et Blanc combines a gentle, safe and effective at home device with a range of serums to provide a treatment process designed to provide long lasting restoration to the skin, giving a healthy, calming and refreshed look.  I’ve been trying out this newbie over the last couple of weeks so I wanted to check it with you all to let you know how I’m getting on with the device and what my initial thoughts are.

The Mycrolator Skin Prep device itself is a toned down version of a Dermaroller- think old Chinese acupuncture meets new age Mesotherapy- it has little white plastic hand held device that reminds me a little of the stamps that my teachers used to use in school with stars printed on them.  Anyway, I digress.  The Mycrolator has 16 fine little metal needles on the bottom of it and it is these needles that are the secret behind the Mycrolator.  When gently pressed all over the skin, avoiding the eye area, the needles disrupt the uppermost layer of skin where the dead skin cells are and in doing so, it creates little micro reservoirs that allow the filtered facial oil serum that you apply after using the Mycrolator to be stored on the skin so that they can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin gently and slowly.

I received one of the Mature Skin blends which ‘contains oils that enhance, glow and hydrate the skin to revitalise the otherwise dull and devitalised appearance of skin as we mature’ and two of the Blemished Skin blends which are ‘formulated with natural plant and seed oils that have a history of helping to remove small blemishes and fine lines’.  There are also oils for dry skin, sensitive skin and an anti oxidant formula.

The Mycrolator is really easy to use and completely pain free.  I hate needles and was really worried that this would be uncomfortable or painful to use but it isn’t at all.  I have been using it twice a week at night, just before I go to bed as this gives the oils plenty of time to sink in.  I first wash and dry my face, then I rinse the Mycrolator under the hot tap and shake off the excess water, then I gently dab the Mycrolator onto my face- it can be used in one particular area or all over the face like I use it however you have to be careful not to apply too much pressure on the cheeks or eye area where the skin is thinner and more fragile and the Mycrolator must only be pressed onto the skin slowly, not twisted, rotated or dragged across the skin.  Following this, I just wash my face with luke warm water and pat it dry.  After applying the Mycrolator to my face, my skin didn’t feel sore at all, it felt ever so slightly tingly but not in an irritating way, just in the same way as when I use my face brush or give my skin a deep exfoliation.  All that’s left to do after this is to open up the vial of oil, tip a little onto my finger tips and apply with tapping motions to my face at first and then massaging the oil in using circular motions.

I found that after using the Mycrolator, the oils that I applied to my skin definitely sank into my skin better and I would wake up each morning after using this with soft, smooth skin that stayed soft.  My skin didn’t feel as though the oil was sitting on my face still, it felt as though it had been completely absorbed and had made my skin softer, particularly on the drier areas of my skin that had caught the sun during this gorgeous heatwave that we’re having.  I wouldn’t say that the Mycrolator makes products absorb any better than they do when I’ve used by Riosonicleanse face brush but either are MUCH better than simply cleansing with a cotton pad and then applying a serum or a moisturiser alone so it really just depends on which you prefer.  You need that unsettling of the dead skin cells to really enable the products that you’re using to penetrate the skin and the Mycrolator definitely does that!

The Mycrolator and Filtered Facial Oil Serum (3 vial pack) that I have here is £39 and available from the Black Et Blanc website.

Have you tried the Mycrolator?  What did you think of it?

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