Bleachin’ My Tash

Having sat down to write this post, I know its going to be one of those awkward, slightly embarrassing to write ones… but one that’ll help others in the same situation too and for that reason, it’s worth writing.  I thought writing about hair removal cream was a little personal but it went down a treat with you lovely lot so today I’m talking ‘tashes.

My hint of upper lip hair, with make up applied

Now we can’t get away from the fact that the vast majority of us girlies are prone to a little upper lip hair.  Most facial hair doesn’t cause us much concern but for those of us who have excessive or dark hair, it can be something we’re concious of and concerned about.  I’m not sure which category I’d personally fall into, as I don’t have dark hair and I’m not excessively hairy but for about the last year I’ve started to get a bit of a complex about the hair on my upper lip.  When I told my friend Ray about my moustache worries she thought I was seeing things but it is definitely something I’ve become concious of, not so much in photographs but in natural light when I’m wearing make up and it has been making me feel uncomfortable, so I’ve decided to do something about it.

I’ve looked into lots of different treatments in terms of removing the hair like upper lip waxing but aside from the fact that it would sting like a bee, I wasn’t willing to take the risk on stubbly regrowth, the same goes for facial hair trimmers and shaving.  I’ve also looked into safe laser hair removal which would be the most permanent option for all areas of my body (imagine never having to Nair my legs again!) but for the time being, I’m trying out bleaching.

I bought the Jolen Creme Bleach from Superdrug on recommendation from one of my work colleagues.  It is a hair lightening product that is designed to lighten dark hair on the face, arms, body and brow.  I’ve used it here on my   The packaging itself looks as though the product is trapped in a decade that time forgot- I certainly wouldn’t have picked this product up without my friends recommendation.

Patch Test

Whenever you’re doing any sort of facial hair tinting, it is important to do a patch test first to make sure your skin agrees with the product- no one wants a scabby allergic reaction now do we?!  I popped a 50p sized amount of the mix onto my inner arm and washed it off after ten minutes and then waited a day to see if there was any redness or irritation caused by the cream- thankfully there wasn’t and I could get down to business.

Getting Started

Inside the Jolen Creme Bleach box, you get a little plastic tray and spatula, a pot of creme and a pot of accelerator powder (which looks a little suspicious), as well as an easy to follow instruction booklet.  To mix the creme bleach, I scooped a quarter of a teaspoon sized amount of the accelerator powder onto the card and double the amount of the creme onto the tray and mixed them together.  It wasn’t as messy as I thought blending them together would be but I did use it on top of a wipe clean glass surface anyway as the tray you get in the box is a little small.


First, I washed and dried my face, then I applied the Jolen Creme Bleach using the spatula to the area that I wanted to bleach, making sure that the area was fully covered.  For a giggle, I also applied it to my eyebrows to show you how to lighten part of your brows.  I’ve been growing them out, so to speak, as I’m getting a celeb brows treatment (similar to HD brows) in a couple of weeks time.

Developing Time and Removal

I left the Creme Bleach on for ten minutes, timing it on my phone as I watched a Youtube video.  During the ten minutes, my skin wasn’t irritated by the lightening cream, my skin felt ever so slightly tingly on my top lip but it didn’t hurt or burn at all.  I was a little worried that I’d put too much on as a little fell down from my top lip, like in the above photograph, but the rest didn’t.  To remove the cream, I used the spatula and scraped the cream off and put it back on the little tray.

The Result

I am really happy with the result- my hair in these areas has been left lightened and pale and my skin looks exactly as it did prior to the treatment,  with no redness or irritation present.  The instructions advised putting the cream onto the tray after removal in case you didn’t find the results to be light enough and wanted to reapply but I didn’t need to do this.  Its a great economical tip though, that it can be used again.

I’m not sure how much the photos show the results as I don’t find my camera picks up the area too much in my photographs prior to tinting but to the natural eye, I can definitely see a difference and I feel so much more confident now.  I wouldn’t use it on my eyebrows again, simply because I prefer to have them waxed but I will definitely be using it again on my upper lip and would definitely recommend this product.

After, with make up

I got the 30ml tub for £4.49 from Superdrug as I didn’t know whether it would work or if I would like it but when I repurchase this, I’ll go for the larger 125ml tub for £10.29 purely as its more economical.  For those with very sensitive skin, there is a mild formula with aloe vera too so if you need a little hair lightening but need something that’s very gentle then I’d go for that one.

What facial lightening products have you used?

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  1. Ali
    May 19, 2013 / 5:50 am

    Much respect to you for broaching this subject. It can be a difficult issue for women. I have a longstanding agreement with the therapist who does my facials that she will tell me the second I need to address any facial hair. My waxer also has carte blanche to get in there the second she spots anything.

  2. Anonymous
    May 19, 2013 / 8:54 am

    I tried it but it didn't work for me, but I am half greek so my hair is quite dark. I get mine waxed and its so much easier. Yes it stings for a minute or so but it only takes 5-10 mins and then its done.

  3. Jane :)
    May 19, 2013 / 4:46 pm

    Really glad you've done this post :)I find threading the best option for me, I'm too much of a wuss for waxing. Its not painful, strange feeling, but doesnt leave any stuble

  4. Ray
    May 22, 2013 / 7:08 pm

    Still couldn't see anything when I was inspecting :p shopping trip soon please xxx

  5. 30SomethingMel
    May 22, 2013 / 8:57 pm

    You know I always love your honesty Laura and its posts like this which always make me smile, it can be hard blogging about something that's a little more personal (Still cringing over my 'Femfresh wipes' post, but if it only helps 1 person then I feel my job is done. This has really helped me. You may suffer with the same problem as me. I always end up with slightly darker 'tash' looking hair and its from self/fake tanning! Where it darkens the hair there and leaves you with a 'shadow' almost. I've been wondering if this product would help me for a while, seeing your review I'm almost sure it would and am going to give it a go too. Thanks again for being so honest with your posts! Mel x

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