Body Confident Plus Size Models Jessica Megan and Laura Ferry of WhatLauraLoves

WhatLauraLoves and Jessica Megan model for simply be

Here are two fiercely strong, dedicated women working passionately on raising the body confidence of others.  Building their careers while helping others along the way.  Both beautiful in their own right, blooming flowers not competing, simply coexisting.  Accepting others for who they are, not judging or trying to change them.

Gorgeous on the outside and even more on the in, Jessica Megan was an uplifting force to be around on the Simply Be press trip.  Intelligent, funny and a ball of energy, I took great inspiration from her always camera ready and her really smart outlook on life.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I felt a little intimidated before going on the trip as I knew Id be amongst pro plus size models but I quickly remembered who I am with the help of those girls.  You see it’s usually slimmer, in proportion models that are deemed “acceptable” within plus size fashion, beauty and social media promotion in general; bodies the size and shape of mine are rarely featured or represented & thats before we even look at the diversity of race, gender or ability.  That’s why I’m so passionate about more representation within the media & online content so that people know that their body is just as worthy as someone else’s.

I learned Jess was fighting the good fight for diversity and equality just as much as I am.

WhatLauraLoves and Jessica Megan model for simply be

Many would look at Jess modelling plus size clothing and complain that she isn’t a size 22 but her size is available from those stores just the same way as mine is.  The fight isn’t to get beautiful bodies like hers OUT of campaigns but to get beautiful bodies like mine and yours reading this, INTO campaigns, alongside hers because we’re ALL beautiful, valid, worthy of acceptance and love.

We ALL deserve to see a body similar to our own online and in the media without judgement on our health or lifestyle.  If my money is good enough to be spent on a brands products then my body is good enough to be represented within their campaigns.  I’m on board, Jess is on board and you’re all with me; now it’s time for the industry to wise up.


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