Boosting Curb Appeal: 4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

When it is time to sell the family home and move, it is important to get the best selling price possible. One way to ensure a good customer impression and offer is to spruce up the outside of the home. Overgrown trees and shrubs, yard clutter, and siding or paint in bad shape can turn off customers. Cracked, crumbling driveways and sidewalks are another turn-off. Spending a little money on upgrades and cleanup can lead to a faster sale with a higher selling price.


One of the best ways to decide what upgrades to make to the front of your home is to walk to the end of the driveway and look at your house from a street perspective. What will Realtors and buyers arriving at your house see as their first impression? Now make a list of the worst things you notice. This may include:

  1. Overgrown, damaged, or dead trees and shrubs
  2. Sidewalks or a driveway in bad shape or a cluttered front yard.
  3. House paint or siding that is stained, faded, or damaged. Cracked windows or worn-looking door. A damaged roof is also detrimental.
  4. Grass and flower beds that show signs of neglect with bare spots in the lawn or grass that needs mowing and other care.


All of these things are deal-breakers in the real estate market. Start with looking for Tree Removal Near Me companies to trim overgrown trees and shrubs, remove damaged, dead, or encroaching trees and shrubs, and haul all the refuse away. Now you can see what else needs to be done. Overgrown trees often hide attractive house features or limit the usable yard space. Overgrown trees can damage roofs and home foundations. When an expert trims trees, you get an attractive tree or shrub to enhance the property.

The second step is a good cleanup effort. This is not easy but doesn’t cost a lot. Power wash the home’s roof and walls or hire it done. It is amazing what a good wash will do. Power washing should be done with the correct equipment and pressure to remove soil, stains, mildew, and moss. Start from the top down. Once the whole exterior is clean, find damaged areas in the siding and roof and repair them. Replace broken or cracked windows. Don’t forget the house trim. This effort should include sprucing up decks and porches.

The third step is to remove everything that makes the house look cluttered or neglected. Remove and haul away clutter and junk. Branches, broken outdoor furniture or children’s toys, dead plants or shrubs, and any other junk must go. Once there is a clean slate it will be easier to upgrade the lawn, replant flower beds, and make other improvements.

The fourth and very important step is to re-imagine the entryway and front of the house. Replace the front door or paint the existing one a better color, add a potted plant or window boxes, paint the porch floor, improve the approach to the house with pavers, new or repaired driveway and sidewalks, and a new mailbox. Take a good look at the garage door and make sure it works well and looks new. Painting or replacing a damaged garage door adds value.

When the trees, shrubs, and flower beds are redone and the clutter is gone, the whole house and lot will be more attractive. Repairing and updating the front of the house also adds value. This effort will result in a better sale price and a faster sale.

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