Bored of the Beach? Five Alternate Holidays to Enjoy

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There’s certainly nothing wrong with the beach, and jetting off to sunnier climes and relaxing on the white sand can be so incredibly relaxing. However, it’s not the only choice when it comes to going away, and if you’ve always done beach holidays (and are getting a bit bored of them) why not branch out? Here are five alternative trips to try!


With the wind in your hair and the open road ahead of you, road trips can be loads of fun. You get to see multiple points of interest in one trip and have the freedom to take things at your own pace. They’re great here in the UK, or you could rent a car abroad and do a famous route like Route 66 in America. Get out a map and work out where the points of interest are that you’d like to visit and build it up this way, if you’re new to road trips you could follow a set route for that destination.

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Backpacking is an incredible way to see the world.  It’s not glitzy and glamorous and you won’t be staying in five star hotels or dining at fancy restaurants, but you get something more rewarding; you can see a destination beyond the tourism.  Explore places off the beaten path, chat to the locals, try the local cuisine from street vendors.  You get to see the world in a completely different way to what you’re probably used to. It’s inexpensive so if you’re on a budget it’s a great way to travel.  I backpacked in Bali last year and it was the best experience of my life! Everything you might need on a backpacking trip you can find here.

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Another cheap and cheerful way to enjoy a holiday is to go camping. Pitch a tent or rent a caravan or chalet, and enjoy some outdoor activities. Cycling, bird watching, hiking, boating and more- they’re fantastic ways to get some exercise and enjoy nature.


Cruises fell out of fashion for a while, and used to be considered as something that older adults enjoyed. However, these days they’re well and truly back. If you live down south, visit for cruise holidays from Southampton and enjoy a week or two of visiting exotic places and enjoying the luxury of the ship.  If you live in the U.S., you can look into Key West Sunset Cruise and witness a sunset that is considered to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the country.


The beach might be your go-to destination when you’re thinking of booking a holiday, but don’t overlook the city! Incredible cities like Prague, Amsterdam, London and Paris are amongst those in the world that everyone needs on their bucket list. You get to enjoy some retail therapy, dine in famous restaurants and see incredible architecture. With so much crammed into one place, there’s plenty to see in and do. If you prefer to go out and do things when you’re on holiday rather than sit back and relax the whole time then the city is a smart choice.

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