Can Low Testosterone Affect You as a Woman?

Just like men, women produce testosterone too. However, the level of this hormone can go abnormally low, causing various complications. The hormone helps in mood regulation and supports bone health and the reproductive tissues in women. There are other roles that this hormone plays in women, like increasing muscle mass, supporting a healthy sex drive, and cardiovascular health. However, when its level is too high or too low, it causes various complications. This article will discuss several effects of low testosterone in women.

Causes of Low Testosterone in Women

Are you wondering what is behind the low level of testosterone in women? The following are the leading causes of low T-level. Note that these causes differ from one woman to another.

Ovarian Failure. If your ovaries fail to function, it could make the level of testosterone go low. Some of the causes of this dysfunction include the effects of menopause, chemotherapy, eating complications, and radiation treatments. During menopause, a woman is likely to have low testosterone because there are insufficient hormones from the ovaries. The ovaries are the primary producers of this hormone, and once they are not producing enough, it means women in pre-menopause and post-menopause may experience this problem.

Certain Medications. Some medications, such as opiates or anti-hypertensives, could also be the reason for low testosterone levels. Additionally, medication such as estrogen used to combat menopause side effects can lower these levels.

Birth Control. If you have been using birth control methods like contraceptive pills or patches for a long time, the effect could be low testosterone levels.

Tumors. You may also experience female testosterone deficiency if you have tumors in different parts of your body. For instance, a tumor on the pituitary gland can cause the hormone’s imbalance.

Remedies for Increasing Testosterone

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Low Testosterone Levels

There are various treatment options for low testosterone in women. So, depending on the origin of the problem, a medical specialist may recommend testosterone replacement therapy to reinstate the level to a healthy status. TRT helps elevate a woman’s sex drive and improves mood.


Women with low T-levels can use some herbal supplements. According to the manufacturers, these herbal supplements have ingredients that help boost the T-levels. However, there is no ample evidence to back up their efficiency. Furthermore, not many of them are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, unless a knowledgeable medical expert recommends you, it would be best to find other natural ways.


There are foods with elements that can help boost T-levels. The foods have vitamin D and zinc that improve the levels. It is crucial to learn about these foods or ask for advice from a hormone expert to know the best foods rich in zinc and vitamin D for improved testosterone. You can also take zinc supplements to increase these levels.

Even though low T-levels happen, doctors are primarily concerned about high levels. Diagnosis begins with a physical examination and the symptoms. The doctor will then conduct a test to confirm the low T-level. The best time for a test may vary for women who are not at menopause yet.

The Effects of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels cause low libido, mood changes, and weight gain. It may cause other severe complications like loss of bone, poor memory, and heart disease when prolonged. Other effects of low T-levels include the following.

  • Dry skin
  • Thinning hair
  • anxiety
  • Low sex drive
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Fertility problems

Does Low Testosterone Cause Low Libido?

There are several effects of low libido in women. Among these effects, low libido is the most discussed. Lack of sex drive in women can result from the low T-levels. However, this is not the only cause. Other influencers of low libido in women include reproductive situations like hysterectomy, emotional health, mental health, and others. So, the answer to whether testosterone is the cause of low sex drive in women is a mixture. To be precise, it will be correct to say that low libido in women results from testosterone imbalance. It is also possible to say that other factors cause this complication.

Seek Help for Low T-levels

There are things still not known about testosterone deficiency in women. However, it is clear that low T-levels have different effects, the main one being low sex drive. Testosterone replacement therapy is an effective treatment for symptoms of low T-levels, and the risks are relatively low. Therefore, TRT stands to be the most effective treatment. However, it is essential to consult a health practitioner who knows hormone health to decide the best treatment depending on your situation.

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