Cargo Pants Styling Tips For Men Who Settle For Only The Best

Men’s dressing has come a long way over the years as they have more options to look and feel stylish. Cargo pants can take you a step ahead as they add the comfort factor to the mix. The original function of the garment was sporty-casual, but things are different as you can wear it anywhere. Everything boils down to styling it according to the occasion. But you may have some doubts about styling a simple garment like cargo pants. Here are some tips for fashion-conscious men who settle for nothing but the best.

Consider your body type

Wearing cargo pants requires you to understand your body type in the first place and match it with the fit. Since these are made in loose patterns, you must be conscious of the fit you pick. A slim or straight cut works for every body type, but oversized ones are not for you if you have a bulky form. They may make you appear shorter and fuller. The best option is to try before buying.

Choose the apt color

The color of the cargo pants makes them occasion-appropriate. You can opt for dark like black and charcoal-gray for formal dressing as these shades look classy and chic. Conversely, beige, khaki, and olive are more suitable for casual wear. You can even try a pattern for a chic sporty look. There are endless options to explore once you start looking, so add diversity to your wardrobe.

Create an ensemble

Pairing your bottom wear with the apt top is the key to creating your ensemble. You can experiment a bit when it comes to styling cargo pants for men for different purposes. The garment makes an excellent pairing with fitted or oversized treatment for casual outings. Wearing them with a denim jacket or sweater is a good idea for winter-casual dressing. You can combine it with a shirt and a blazer to create a perfect office look. Experiment as much as you can to create impressive ensembles for all occasions.

Accessorize with the apt footwear

Accessorizing cargo pants can be tricky, but a little creativity can go a long way. There are plenty of ways to play with footwear. They work well with sneakers for casual dressing, but you need not settle for boring black and white ones. Try a trendy red or breezy blue pair of footwear to add an element of interest. Boots also go well with cargo, though you can pull them off with formal shoes for business casual dressing. 

Prioritize comfort

Cargo pants are synonymous with comfort, so they should be on your mind while wearing them. The fit should go well with your comfort expectations from the garment. Look for one with large pockets for active outings like trekking and hiking. But ditch them when wearing cargoes for a chic business casual look at work. Check details like pleats and hem to carry the garment confidently. 

Although cargo pants are the simplest garment to wear, a little effort with styling is enough to elevate your look. Try these easy secrets to carry them to any occasion.

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