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Caseapp iphone case review whatlauraloves

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When I had finally decided on buying the new Apple iPhone XS Max, I placed an order for my screen protector and phone cases straight away.  I always like to make sure that I have my accessories ready for my phone arriving so that I can use it straight away; I wouldn’t want to risk damaging it or smashing the screen.  I had an unfortunate incident in the past where that happened and it pained me having to pay the money for a new screen.

With my last phone, the iPhone 8s, I had a LuMee light up phone case for nights out when I’d want to be taking outfit photos and at all other times, I used a phone case from CaseApp.  It stood me in great stead all year round and kept my phone suitably protected, even when chucked in my bag or dropped on the floor.  With that in mind, they were the only company I thought of when it came to choosing where to get my next case from.

CaseApp make high quality personalised phone cases for so many different phones, as well as laptop skins and you have the option to select a predesigned style or to custom make your own.  What I love about their phone cases is that you can choose the standard phone case or the extra protection tough case, which consists of a hard case with your custom design on it and a silicone lining to protect all sides of the phone and screen.  Plus you can choose whether you’d like the cases to have a glossy finish or matte.

Caseapp Review WhatLauraLoves

Naturally, I went for the tough variety as I’m an absolute liability when it comes to my phone and since I use this one solely for work, I need to make sure that it’s protected so that I can continue running my business.  I’d be lost without it.  I also picked to have them matte rather than glossy just so that they’d be a little more tactile and even easier to grip and keep tight a hold of.  That’s my logic anyway.  In actual fact I think the glossy would have looked gorgeous and probably would have been use as easy to hold as the matte!

I picked out two designs; Cactus Rose which is a pinky beige case with a cactus design that has beautiful pink roses on it and the Banana Leaf case which has the iconic tropical leaves that I know so many of you love on it.  This is actually the exact same phone case as I got last year, just for a different phone model.  I loved the design that much that I had to have it again.  One of these days I’ll get around to buying an actual banana leaf plant for my home too!

The cases are really high quality and the designs are stunning.  I love the matte finish and my phone looks as though it is so secure and well protected inside the case which gives me great peace of mind.  I’d definitely recommend CaseApp to you all once again.

Shopping on CaseApp is so easy and the cases aren’t expensive for the level of protection, high quality and product design.  I’ve bought cases off eBay before that have snapped as I’ve put them onto the phone whereas these ones are such good quality and look quality too!

Which CaseApp design is your favourite?

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