Charles Worthington Body Booster Mousse Review

 Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Body Booster Mousse Salon At Home
Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Body Booster Mousse

Some of you may know that I have
just had a new set of hair extensions put in by the lovely Sinead at Refine Spain Whitburn as I haven’t stopped Instagramming photos of my new do
They’re mini locks which don’t use any glue
or heat on the hair during the application so they’re supposed to be very
I’ll be reviewing them soon but
I want to wear them for a while first before I say too much about them.
Until then, I thought I’d tell you about some
of the new hair products that I’ve been using.

Blonde BBW Plus Size Blogger Leopard Print, Stars, Fluffy
My hair after washing it, blow drying using the Body Booster Mousse and straightening it

When I have extensions in my
hair, I tend to put a lot more effort into my hair on a daily basis rather than
when I am just doing my hair to specifically go out somewhere.
Extensions need to be dried properly every
time you wash them, there’s no going to bed with wet hair when you have them in
so I like to take my time drying it so that my style lasts.

I tend to wash my hair every three to four days.On day one, I wash my hair and wear it
straight, day two I curl it, day three I wear loose waves left over from the
curls the day before and on day four I wear it in a braid or pinned up until I
wash it that day.
I use dry shampoo
everyday to keep my oily roots at bay but what helps to keep my hair in its style
and full of life is what I use on it when it is wet and that’s the Charles Worthington Body Booster Mousse from their Salon At Home range.

 Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Body Booster Mousse Review Blonde Hair
Charles Worthington Salon At Home Body Booster Mousse*

The Charles Worthington Body
Booster Mousse is designed to give volume at the roots and body through the mid lengths and ends.  Anyone can use it but it is particularly beneficial for those with thin, flat hair.  M
y hair is very very fine and definitely in need of a bit of volume, body and lasting hold and this mousse does it all.

This product has the same gorgeous slightly fruity perfumed fragrance as the other hair products in the Volume and Bounce line.  It doesn’t linger on the hair for too long but it does stay on the hair for a little while after blow drying which I really like as it makes my hair feel fresh and clean.

Whenever I use this mousse, I see a definite difference in my hair as it is bouncy and full of body thanks to the Collagen that is added into the formula.  It gives my fine, lifeless hair a bit of texture which means that I can have more control over it when styling my hair as my style holds in place better and also when putting my hair into an up do as I don’t have as many fly aways and I can get a better grip of my hair.  The formulation of this mousse contains style memory technology which aims to keep your hair at full volume all day long and I would definitely agree that it does this as my hair doesn’t drop as quickly and it does retain its volume for longer when I have used this mousse.

 Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Body Booster Mousse Review on Blonde
Second day hair after using the Body Booster Mousse, restyled with the Enrapture Totem Styler

To apply the mousse when I have
extensions in my hair, I section off the top part of my towel dried hair, from
about an inch above my ears where my hair is free from extensions, and I apply a
small amount of the Body Booster Mousse from the root to the tip of this
section of hair.  A little goes a long
way with this mousse and you need to be very quick when dispensing it into your
hand as I find that you can easily keep your finger on the nozzle a second too
long and end up with too much product.

applying the mousse to my hair, I like that my hands don’t feel sticky or tacky
and I can continue styling my hair without having to wash my hands first.  This is a rarity as I tend to find that most
mousses leave my hands feeling sticky but this one doesn’t at all.

I then clip this section of hair up onto my
head and I then apply a small amount of the mousse through the mid lengths to
ends of the rest of my hair.  I comb it
through with my fingers to disperse the product evenly through my hair and then
I use my Denman Tangle Tamer Brush (review here, buy here) to brush it through my hair and to
get rid of any tangles in my hair.

 Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Body Booster Mousse Review on Blonde

I apply the mousse in two
different sections because the section of my hair where my extensions are takes
longer to dry than the top of my head and because the extensions are held with
a bond at the root that weighs the hair down, it is harder to get volume at the
root, so instead I create lots of volume at the root then lots of body through
the mid lengths and ends to give my hair overall volume and lots of

When using the Charles
Worthington Body Booster Mousse on my natural hair without extensions in, I
simply distribute the mousse throughout all of my hair from root to tip, then I
rough dry the whole lot, section it off and blow dry it in smaller sections
using a big round brush and a nozzle on the hair dryer, to create volume and
body all over my hair and to lock in my style. 
In comparison, when I have my extensions in, I keep my top section wet
and clipped up, rough dry, section off and then round brush dry the bulk of my
hair where the extensions are and then I take down the top section and round
brush dry it because by the time I have dried the part with the extensions, the
top part of my hair is nearly dry itself.

Curly Haired Blonde WhatLauraLoves

After using the Body Booster Mousse, my hair is left with more volume at the root and touchable body through the mid lengths and ends.  It has more of a bounce and thickness about it that it doesn’t have when I blow dry it without using the mousse.  The body that it creates in my hair definitely lasts for a couple of days and I can revive my style with ease without having to add any extra products to my hair as you can see in the straight to curly photos above where all I have done is curl my hair, I haven’t added any additional product to my hair.  The best thing about this mousse is that it doesn’t make your hair feel hard or crispy; it is still beautifully soft and I can easily brush through it if I want to.  I hate the crunchy feeling that many mousses give my hair but this one doesn’t at all.  I’d definitely recommend it for that reason alone!

The Charles Worthington Salon At Home Body Booster Mousse is available online here.

What are your favourite Charles Worthington products?

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  1. Leah XL Channel
    November 13, 2014 / 5:48 pm

    I love Charles Worthington Curl Spray…tried loads of others and it's the best 🙂 Lovely post and your hair looks lovely. Looking forward to a new video soon x

    • WhatLauraLoves
      November 20, 2014 / 2:02 pm

      Oh I haven't tried the curl spray before although saying that, my hair is more or less straight, very boring. I wish I had naturally curly hair. Pleased you're looking forward to my next video. Hoping to upload on tomorrow xxx

  2. Hollie B
    November 16, 2014 / 2:44 pm

    Your hair is super gorgeous and looks SO healthy. I just worry that products like this will weigh my hair down as it's quite fine and flyaway. x

    • WhatLauraLoves
      November 20, 2014 / 2:07 pm

      Aw thanks so much Hollie. My hair is RIDICULOUSLY fine. This mousse doesn't wear the hair down at all, I'm sure you'd be fine with it xxx

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