Choosing A Wedding Dress For Modern Plus Size Brides

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Are you a plus size bride in need of help choosing the right wedding gown? Then check out our tips on plus size fashion trends for modern brides. 

For many years it seemed as though wedding dresses were catered to slimmer women but the world of fashion took a spin when they realised they had been ignoring the entire segment that is plus size fashion and the gorgeous plus size brides who deserve to look just as gorgeous in a wedding dress as their slimmer counterparts.  Plus size fashion has come on leaps and bounds over the last decade, not just for everyday wear but for wedding dresses as well.  Now a number of designers have devoted their time to create some of the best plus size wedding dresses for this specific market.

There is now an array of options for the confident and fashion savvy plus sized bride.  From gowns which are styled for busty or small chested brides to round tummies or broad shoulders.  Whatever your style, if you’re a plus size bride looking for her dream dress, you can find a gown to suit you and your style.  After the proposal, the wedding dress is often one of the first things that a prospective bride will think about and for many it can leave them feeling anxious and scared but as I found out while filming for Curvy Brides Boutique, this isn’t something that plus size women need to worry about as there are so many gorgeous dresses for them to wear, they just need an engagement ring on that finger first!  This post isn’t about  wedding proposal ideas though, today I’m looking at plus size fashion trends for the modern bride!


If your bodice is properly structured, then you have a great foundation to work with, and most everything else will work from thereon.  Good corsets add a bit of sex appeal, lifting and cinching in all the right places, allowing your dress fall beautifully.  Corsets can really make the most of your shape and make wearing a mermaid style plus size wedding dress, fit and flare, or a classic A – line gown appear more effortless.


This does not apply to a particular dress, even though you may already have a favourite in mind.  However, have a vision of the dress code.  Is it long and flowing, short and sleek, is it a dress fit for a ballroom or is it for a wedding at the beach?  Are you looking for vintage, alluring, classic, romantic or glamorous plus size wedding gown?  It’s a good idea for the overall theme and style of your wedding to play in your chosen style of dress as it’ll compliment the setting of your wedding but it can also make you feel more comfortable too.  If you’re getting married in St Lucia on a boiling hot day then a very heavy, elaborate gown with many layers may not be the dress for you.


So many women feel as though they must have their arms covered in their wedding dress but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Work on your confidence now and in the meantime, try on a whole host of different dress styles.  You may think that you want one with sleeves in but then find that popular strapless dresses suit you the most.  If you do decide to go for sleeves or straps, there are some beautiful ones that can really make a dress look captivating.  Spaghetti straps and elegant cap sleeves paired with illusion necklines can give your wedding dress an extra sexy edge and can save you from worrying about a wardrobe malfunction while dancing or tossing the bouquet. 


There are lots of different elements to choosing the right dress for you and picking a neckline that works for you and your vision is one of them.  A v-neck adds some visual length to the neck and breaks up the chest area.  It can draw the eye up too.  A halter neck is a great choice if you have beautiful broad shoulders and a sweetheart neckline looks amazing on so many ladies, especially those with a bit of bust.  A Queen Anne Neckline is also great for plus size brides who want to visually lengthen the neck area and if you want to go for something different then a one shoulder neckline is an edgy asymmetrical cut.

An illusion neckline adds coverage for brides who don’t want to be too revealing in the bust area and a totally strapless gown is a popular choice for many brides and is a great opportunity for busty plus size brides to wear a strapless dress but still feel very supported as many have fabulous built in corsets.  If you decide you would rather have your arms covered, you could always opt for that dream strapless dress and paired it with a shawl or jacket for that extra bit of coverage but I’m sure that on the day, you’ll be feeling so in love, beautiful and confident that you’ll feel comfortable taking it off and enjoying the feeling of freedom!  Keep in mind while choosing a neckline and the other elements of your dress that the cut and fabric of your gown, for example whether it’s a plus size lace wedding dress or silk, will also help to determine which neckline will work best.

Also, when getting a necklace to go with your plus size bridal, pick one that suits your wedding dress neckline.  This will add character to your overall look and can even add beauty to your dress.  If your neckline bares your neck, then a necklace would be a great choice, but if your dress is a halter neck, one shoulder or covers your neck and shoulders entirely, you might want to skip this accessory. 


No two people have the exact same body type, so while trying wedding dresses, you may find that you are a different size on top than you are on the bottom.  For instance, if your hips are a size 16 and your bust is a size 14, then it would be best to get a size 16 dress so that it comfortably fits your biggest part and have it altered to fit your bust area.  Also, most wedding gowns are a couple of sizes smaller than regular plus size clothing, so if you are usually a size 24, you may be a size 28 in bridal wear. Keep this in mind when ordering your dress.  A bigger dress is better if you are going to make accommodations for your body type and get the best fit.  The label in your dress doesn’t mean anything; its not worth the fabric its sewn into so don’t get upset if you need to buy a bigger size that what you usually would on the highstreet.

A few other tips for plus size fashion for bridal wear, would be to go wedding gown shopping with the right partner.  Take a friend you can trust to make the right judgement and who you are sure will always tell you the truth, giving you their honest opinion no matter what.  Remember though, the only person whose opinion truly matters is your own so always go with the dress that makes YOU say WOW!

In all, when choosing plus size bridal gowns, remember that comfort and confidence is key as you’ll want to look your best and feel it too!

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