Choosing Positivity To Unlock Your Happiness

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Every week, I spend my sometime on Sunday getting organised and when I wake up on a Monday morning, I choose to be positive.  I believe that positivity is the key to overall happiness in life.  It takes EFFORT for sure and it’s bloody tiring to begin with but if you focus on switching your negative thoughts to positive ones when they occur, the more you keep doing it, the more natural it’ll feel.

Positive thoughts and actions attract more positivity be it through people, things, opportunities or any number of other ways in which positivity energy can express itself.  Essentially, like attracts like so if you’re negative you’ll attract more negativity, if you have a positive outlook, you’ll attract more of the same.

It works for all of us although you will notice that some people will have more of a powerful energy than others.  Ever worked in an office and had that one colleague that can lift everyone up on your team but who can also pull down the energy in an instant if they get out of the wrong side of the bed on a morning?  Sat around the pool on holiday and another holiday maker starts bitching about things that they hate about the hotel, then found yourself noticing things that you don’t like too?  That’s what I’m talking about!

WhatLauraLoves Pinafore Dress and Floral Shirt

There are so many other outside influences that try to drag you down but I promise, thinking positively and surrounding yourself with positivity is worth it.

Something that really helps me is keeping my inner friendship circle small, choosing how I spend my time very wisely, having a clean and tidy house and organising my time in advance so that I know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and what I have to look forward to.  Knowing what my goals are, how I’m going to smash them and what I have coming up that’s making me happier does wonders for my positive mental attitude and makes it feel so much more achievable.  I always notice a difference on my mental health, productivity & overall outlook on life when I let it slip.

So take some time, plan out what your week looks like and what you want to achieve, schedule in your me time and your rest time and when you wake up in the morning, choose positivity, no matter what the day throws at you!



WhatLauraLoves Pinafore Dress and Floral Shirt
Keep motivated beauties & find your reason to look for the good in everyday.  This really helped me to change my life around & it can help you too!
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How will you be starting your week?  How easy do you find it to look at the positives in life?

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