Choosing Your Sandals for This Season

Who doesn’t love summer styles with flowy dresses and jumpsuits everywhere and colors as vibrant as the summer flowers popping up in fields across the countryside? There is something magical about bringing an outfit together, adding accessories and pops of color to compliment the warm weather and cocktail-sipping ambiance, and then topping it off with a comfortable pair of sandals.

The feeling of dressing well, and comfortably, yet maintaining a chic, pulled-together ensemble does not necessarily have to be tedious. When you have a great pair of shoes, and for summer a quality pair of sandals (or two) is a must and will help you dress appropriately to suit all celebrations.

For years we have seen surfers, islanders, and tourists looking to pack light donning the ever-iconic flip-flop, and it is not going out of style anytime soon, but what if you could take that to the next level to better pair them with a casual dress or linen suit to go for evening drinks or dinner on the beach? This is when a flip-flop just won’t suffice and you will be better off reaching for your trusted, go-to pair of sandals.


Sandal options


Sandals are an excellent and simplistic way to take your casual dress up a notch, and even more so if you opt for the right color or if it has some added embellishments. But with so many options on the market, how do you know what to choose if you can’t have one of each (here’s hoping), well, the first thing you need to think about is whether or not you prefer a strap or not and this quickly narrows down your choices for a more quality choice.

Considering a sandal with or without back strap could determine the outfit, perhaps switching out a dress to a chic pair of fitted linen trousers. Or if you love your new dress, then a strap at the back could be just a little something extra to bring your outfit together. Some people prefer one over the other and that’s perfectly fine if it makes them feel good and boosts their confidence all the power to them, others enjoy working with the look and pairing a shoe most appropriate, there is no right or wrong option only what makes you feel your best self.

We have curated the top points to think about whether you need a back strap on your sandal or not to see which works best for you, the style you’re going for, and more importantly thinking about the venue you’re attending. Both options come with great benefits be it comfort or aesthetic, let’s dive in and see what those points are so you have all the information you need to make a more well-informed decision.

Sandals with a back strap

Choosing a sandal with a back strap offers more than just an elegant look. The strap should always be made with quality material to prevent blisters while walking, but also offer the support you need to your ankle and foot while out and about.

A back strap sandal is also more secure on the foot and you don’t have to worry about it sliding forward causing a tripping hazard, even more so if you are on a tour or a mountainside exploring. Knowing your foot is safe and secure also eliminates the need to walk in a way that prevents it from slipping off, in most cases, it is not your usual walking stance and posture, but a back strap will help you maintain your proper walking posture and balance.


Sandals without a back strap

If you have ever walked for a long time and had closed shoes on then you will know all too well the pleasure of stripping them off the moment you get a chance, with a strapless sandal you can pop your feet in and out at your leisure and without the need to undo laces or buckles. This helps to keep your feet cool and ventilated preventing odors but also keeps the blood flowing more efficiently.

Some people find sandals with a strap restrictive and will at times buy a pair one size up from their regular foot size just so they have the option of it being looser but also a quicker option to slip on and off when needed. Of course, this does more harm than good and is not recommended.

Sandals with no strap are also preferred with trousers, the perfect option for summer linens and chinos. You don’t need to roll your hems up to prevent them from getting stuck in the strap at the back, and the uncropped length of the trousers will elongate your overall aesthetic which is always flattering.

Finding your fit

A final thought is that you should always opt for footwear that is high quality but which speaks to your personality. The last thing you need is to wear something that’s not your style but which seems ‘in fashion’. You will look much more put together if you wear something you’re comfortable in, and this will radiate through confidence and posture. It’s a win-win, whether it involves a strap or not, there is a sandal out there for you, so let’s grab a pair.

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