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If you are lucky enough to have a garden, now is a good time to think about planting a tree or maybe two. The frosts are nearly gone, so soon you will be able to safely put in new plants, shrubs and trees.

There are lots of different types you could plant, including trees that will add a splash of colour to your garden. For example, cherry trees like the ones I enjoy seeing, every year, at Alnwick Gardens. They are beautiful and spectacular. You can easily buy them from places like The Tree Center.

If you are not sure that cherry trees are for you, do not worry because there are many others that you can plant, which produce colourful flowers or leaves. You can find out about some of them below.

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It is now possible to buy flowering pear and apple trees as well as cherry trees. Over the years, they have been breed to produce spectacular floral displays during the spring. The only problem is that, typically, the flowers only last a few months. Plus, with these specially bred flowering trees you do not get to enjoy any fruit.


If you do want a tree that looks bright and interesting for most of the year and actually produces fruit that you can eat, take a look at the Jonagold tree. This relatively new variety, which is a cross between a Jonathan apple and golden delicious, produces bright red fruit which looks startling against the black twigs and dusky dark green leaves.

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For close on year-round colour, you cannot beat dogwoods. They produce flowers in the spring, bright green leaves for the summer. These then go through several shades of red, purple, orange and yellow before falling to the ground fairly late in the winter. Even when bare, dogwoods are still striking and interesting to look at.


Magnolias also produce wonderful flowers. In some parts of the country, they will flower twice each year.


These wonderful trees produce colourful foliage that lasts for many months. Again, because they have an interesting branch structure, they still look quite good even after they have been denuded.

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Juneberry trees are still relatively rare, but, they are growing in popularity. These bushy little trees produce wonderful blossom in the spring that turns into attractive little blackberries, which the birds love. They look wonderful against the coppery foliage that gradually turns to a vibrant green before fading through a range of fiery autumn hues before dropping to the ground. Again, it is a relatively small tree, which makes it a good choice for most urban gardens.

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If you do decide to plant a tree or two in the garden, be sure to look after it. Most varieties do not require a lot of maintenance. But, it is worth taking the time to prune your tree, check it for signs of disease and fertilise it every so often. It is easy to find out how to take care of most varieties using arboretum websites.

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