Considerations for Your Elopement Photographer’s Selection

Photos are the only mementos we keep. They’re tokens of appreciation for those who share in our joy, and they play an especially important role in weddings. As a result, many families now have access to photographs from their ancestors’ weddings, which they have treasured for generations. As much as photographers try to blend in on the big day, they are an integral part of any wedding. One of the most important jobs on your wedding day will be that of your elopement photographer. But there’s a lot that needs to be done before the wedding photographer shows up, including researching “how to elope” online in some cases. Your photographer will do their part to get ready by meeting with you and planning the wedding’s logistics, but that doesn’t mean the happy couple won’t have any preparation to do, either. Here are five questions you should ask your elopement photographer before you run away.

If there are photos included in my order, how many will I get?

How many photos you get is largely determined by how long you hire a photographer for. The cost of an elopement photographer’s time is typically reflected in the inclusion of their services in the elopement package. Though the average number of shots taken per hour is around 50, some photographers can take well over 100, it is ultimately up to the photographer to decide.

Simply Eloped photographers take at least 75 photos per hour as part of our standard photography inclusion. However, if you want more photos from your big day, you should think about booking extra time with your elopement photographer.

After the wedding/reception/etc., when will I receive the photographs?

When editing photos, photographers are very meticulous. They want your wedding day, and every time you look back at your photos, to be perfect. Even though the time frame that your elopement photographer gives you for receiving your edited photos may seem arbitrary, keep in mind that they have to edit your photos in addition to the weddings of several other couples.

If you have your photographer for multiple hours, the wait time after the ceremony will likely be much longer than the 15 days quoted by Simply Eloped for the one hour you receive with your photographer. A photographer specializing in elopements will need to sift through many shots to select the best ones to use in your album. Remember that they are taking their time because they want everything to look as perfect as it did on your wedding day, whether it takes two weeks or ten.

Could you tell me if you’ve ever shot at a venue like this before, or if you’ve ever covered a ceremony

When choosing a photographer, it’s always helpful if they’ve been to the venue (or a similar one) and are familiar with the area around where you want to elope. If you’re looking for peace of mind and an easy decision when planning your elopement, go with a photographer who has more experience. However, there is no need to worry if your photographer has not yet photographed the site. A lack of prior experience is no guarantee of incompetence on the part of a photographer; in fact, a new perspective can often lead to more creative results. As long as your photographer exudes self-assurance and enthusiasm, you can trust that they will do a great job.

When the big day arrives, what do you need from my future spouse and me?

In my experience as an elopement photographer, this is the number one question couples have. On your wedding day, you will be the most important thing for your photographer to have. Otherwise, you will be responsible for providing all necessary equipment, lighting, and assistance for your session. In any case, there are a few minor details worth keeping in mind. Colorado photographer Noah Berg advises, “Bring your license and your rings!

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