Considerations when buying a hot tub as an Airbnb or BnB owner

There are a broad number of reasons why you might decide to invest in and explore hot tubs for sale in the UK. One of those is for personal use and enjoyment, transforming your home or outdoor space into your very own spa and relaxation centre. Another common benefit cited by our customers is the health and wellbeing benefits, both as a standalone go-to for aches and pains, and as part of a routine following intense exercise.

Another reason why you might decide to purchase a hot tub of your own is to build a business within or around your own home – with Airbnb and various staycation and tourist sites creating a captive market for those with space to rent out rooms, full properties, and experiential overnight packages.

With that said, what do you need to think about if buying a hot tub as part of an Airbnb or overnight business offering?

Considerations when buying a hot tub for a BnB

A hot tub is a great addition to any staycation or holiday offering and can help to seal the deal for family groups, couples, groups of friends, and solo travellers.

 Having said that, there are a few areas to consider as the BnB or Airbnb owner.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Not only is cleanliness integral to the hygiene of a hot tub which is being used by new guests on a regular basis. Maintenance and cleanliness is also what extends and optimises the lifespan of your hot tub, so that it can continue to be a selling point of your business for months and years to come.

As part of your commitment to guests and to the quality of your accommodation offering, pay attention to the maintenance routine and the recommended products – including our water care packages and filter care accessories. In addition, changing the water regularly with the help of professional hut tub services will keep the water fresh and clean.

Safety in the hot tub

Safety is a major concern where water is involved, with hot tub owners urged to create manuals which outline a series of regulations and rules around usage in the hot tub.

From installing slip-safe flooring between the door of the property and the hot tub, to banning alcohol in the hot tub and setting automated heat settings to avoid the tub getting too hot, our team can help to walk you through the features which can optimise safety and help to keep your hot tub a benefit rather than a hazard or safety risk.

Presentation and experience

If a hot tub is part of your business offering, used to entice and attract customers towards your property or location, then you want to make sure that the experience is as relaxing and private as possible.

Consider privacy around the hot tub, and the journey from property to tub. Can guests feel both safe and secure in terms of the surroundings?

Think about lighting – whether you choose a hot tub with integrated light settings or need to look at alternative lighting in the surrounding space. Solar lights and fairy lights are ideal for creating a soft and relaxing space.

Finally, consider the setting – and how to provide guests with the best views and sights from the comfort of your hot tub. It might just become your number one selling point.

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