Cosy Autumn Home Decor Ideas

There’s so much to love about autumn and according to a survey from 2021, over one-fifth of Brits voted this as their favourite season. The crisp air combined with the golden hues of leaves turning colour and falling to the ground makes for the ideal backdrop for wonderful walks in local parks or dense woodlands in the countryside. 

Autumn also invites new possibilities for your home décor with cosiness being the main theme during this season. That’s why you’ll be looking for warm and inviting interior designs that are perfect for nights in with your friends or loved ones as you shield yourself from the dropping temperatures. This sets the tone for cosy movie nights, cooking as a family or carving pumpkins during the spooky season.

If this sounds like what your home needs but you aren’t sure how to redecorate your house for the cosy, autumn look, then we can help. Read our guide below and add these home décor ideas to spruce up your surroundings this autumn.

Colour palettes

Your home’s colour palette sets a lovely autumn backdrop in your home and can help it feel warmer too. Choose autumn hues like deep oranges, browns, rich reds or earthy greens to achieve this. 

Changing the colours of your home doesn’t mean you need to repaint your home, however, as you can choose to inject colour in smaller doses instead. This can be done by adding fresh bedding, cushions or artwork with autumn colours, which may help the shades stand out more against a neutral background. Plus, this can be a much more budget-friendly option than hiring a professional to repaint your walls for just one season. 

Textiles and fabrics

Achieving that warm, cosy feel this autumn means selecting the right materials in your home too. Try using the likes of wool, flannel or faux blankets for your bed or sofa and add rugs to hardwood floors to make them feel more comfortable and welcoming to walk on. Rugs are one of the many ways you can make your home feel warmer too, which may help you save on energy bills throughout the colder months. 

Bring nature indoors

With woodland walks being one of the first things that pop into our heads when we picture autumn, why not consider bringing that vibe inside too? Natural elements like wooden accents, pinecones, acorns or dried leaves can boost the autumn look and elevate your space. Take the kids or your friends on a walk outside to find these features and place them in wooden bowls around the home to bring nature into the rooms you use most.

Adding autumn hues to your home and making the overall feel warmer and cosier is simple and often cost-effective. Get your home autumn-ready now and enjoy the season to the maximum with a well-decorated home.

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