Couples Cosy Night In with Just Sheepskin

Just Sheepskin slippers for him and her

When it comes to having a cosy night in as a couple, Al and I have it covered.  Whether we’re having a movie night or watching a series, adding to our scrapbook or making a restaurant meal at home, we’re always having fun and enjoying our time together.  That’s what being in a relationship with your best friend is all about, right?

Let me take you through our cosy night in routine!

Homely Living Room


I don’t know about you but I can’t relax and enjoy our night when theres mess everywhere or my home is unclean, especially the room that I’m trying to relax in!  When we’re having a cosy night in, we’ll pop some music on the Sonos speaker, or our little jukebox as we like to call it, and we’ll blitz the room that we’re having our night in.  Usually this is the open plan living room, dining room and kitchen.

First we’ll pop anything that shouldn’t be in that room such as handbags, jackets, clean and dry laundry and makeup onto the stairs ready to take up with us when one of us next goes up.  Then we’ll put anything away that needs to be put back in its rightful home in this room, empty the dishwasher and load it if needed and wipe down all of the surfaces.  We’ll straighten the cushions and throws on the sofa, do a quick dust and run over the room with the vacuum which is now even easier with our new Shark DuoClean Cordless Upright, which works incredibly well on our hard floors and rug, before finally finishing off with a spritz of room spray to freshen the air up.  It doesn’t take us long at all and the sense of calm that I in particular feel after its done is worth it.


Once the room is clean and tidy, we’ll light some candles; usually lots of the Fenomen Unscented Block Candles which create a lovely atmosphere, especially in the winter, plus one scented candle or wax melt to fill the room with a beautiful scent.  My favourite places to buy candles from are The White Company, Bomb Cosmetics and Jo Malone but for wax melts, I prefer independent brands.  I’ll also take the opportunity to turn over the reeds in our diffusers.

We choose a TV series or a film to watch on Netflix or Sky box sets or our recordings, and get it all ready to hit play when we’re done with cooking.

Just Sheepskin Ladies Slippers


Cosy clothes are an absolute must when you’re having a night in.  I’ll pop my pyjamas and slippers straight on and Al will usually have his jeans and a T on with his slippers while he’s pottering about and when we’re ready to snuggle up and watch a film, he’ll shove some joggers on or lounge pants depending on how warm it is in the flat.

Earlier this year, we were kindly given a pair of gorgeous slippers each from Just Sheepskin and we’ve been enjoying wearing them since they arrived.

Mine are the Ladies Daisy Sheepskin Sliders in Mink (also available in blush) which are the perfect slippers for me to wear now that the weather is warming up a little.  Sheepskin has the amazing ability to keep your feet warm during the winter and cool in the summer and since I’ve been trying these out since March, I can definitely testify as to how comfortable my feet feel in them; not hot and sweaty, just right.

The Daisy Sliders have an on trend crossover design that makes them look gorgeous on your feet, especially as the sheepskin is so fluffy!  Not only do they look beautiful but they feel amazing on my feet too.  The crossover design enables them to fit securely to my feet without me having to scrunch my toes to keep them on and they don’t flop around all over when I’m walking.  They have the Just Sheepskin DREAM Step technology which is a gel infused memory foam in the sole which enables these slippers to provide long lasting additional support and a fully customisable fit thats unique to your feet.

Just Sheepskin Slippers for men

Alex chose the Mens Donmar Sheepskin Slippers in the colour Granite, which are also available in chestnut, chocolate, midnight and mocha.  They’re Just Sheepskin’s classic, original mule slipper and they’re the height of comfort and cosy style.  These are the go-to slippers for any man who wants slippers that look good but also feel good as they’re made from pure sheepskin with a durable, slip resistant sole, the DREAM Step technology that mine also have and the added J.U.S.T Guard technology to make them water resistant and keep them looking better for longer.

Al has worn them everyday since he got them and loves how snug they are.  He tells me how stylish they look and I have to agree; in his words, ‘they look the part’.  I think that as the weather is warming up, he’s finding the closed toe of the mule to be feeling too warm if he wears them with socks, which is what he was used to doing with his old slippers but as these are far superior and made from actual sheepskin rather than a manmade fibre, I’ve been telling him that he doesn’t need to do this as the sheepskin will naturally keep his feet warm or cool.  He’s now sock free and amazed at how it works!

What he also loves about them is that like my slippers, they have a durable, textured sole which is perfect for walking on any surface in the home whether it be hard wood, tiles, carpet or when nipping out to put something in the bin or grabbing something from the car.

We found that both pairs of slippers were accurately sized and a brilliant fit, although free delivery and returns are offered on the site so that if that isn’t the case for you, you can order in confidence and return for another size to ensure that you get the perfect fit for you.  Just Sheepskin are offering a discount code to readers of my blog, simply enter LAURALOVES10 at the checkout on their website!

Gousto Box


Room clean, TV set, cosy clothes on, it’s time for us to cook.  We’ve been doing Gousto box since February and it has quite honestly changed our eating at home.  We very rarely get a takeaway now because we’re eating such varied meals at home each night and they’re absolutely delicious.  I’ll be doing a full review on it soon as it was something that we decided to order because we got a good deal, they had dairy free options and we thought that we’d just give it a go while the offer was on but its something that we’ve kept up every week because it is absolutely brilliant.

On this particular night, we made the Fragrant Pork, Lemongrass and Sesame Meatballs with roasted broccoli and rice which tasted absolutely delicious and we would never have made something like this if it wasn’t for choosing it with our Gousto Box!

You can try Gousto yourself by using my code LAURA21152573 to get 50% off your first box and 30% off the rest of the month’s boxes.

Cosy Night In


When we’re going to be watching a film, we’ll put out some snacks too like sweet popcorn and pour ourselves some juice or a gin and lemonade if we’re fancying something stronger.  We drink water with our meals so its nice to have something with a bit of flavour too and having orange juice out of a wine glass just feels so much more fancy!

WhatLauraLoves Just Sheepskin Review

A cosy night in is complete with a clean, calm ambiance, great food and drinks, snuggly clothes and blankets and something gripping to watch on TV (our favourite at the moment is Silent Witness!) but we’re not afraid to say that what really makes our nights in special is each other.  Being together is our favourite place to be and its so important to us as a couple that we take this time to talk and laugh together and enjoy each others company, especially when we’ve been hard at work all week.

Give our cosy night in a try with your partner or even a friend, family member or by yourself.  Hitting pause on work and enjoying a few hours chilling out is exactly what everyone needs from time to time.

Don’t forget you can get a discount at Just Sheepskin by entering code LAURALOVES10 at the checkout (valid until 10th June 2019).

How do you spend a cosy night in?

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  1. ChelseaMamma
    May 29, 2019 / 10:01 pm

    OMG, I need those slippers, they look so luxurious and comfy

  2. May 30, 2019 / 7:11 am

    Those slippers look super cosy and the ladies pair looks super glam on. Gousto is great isn’t it!?

  3. May 30, 2019 / 12:52 pm

    I do love a cosy night in with good food & films – I should make more of an effort to tidy up beforehand though!

  4. rhianwestbury
    May 30, 2019 / 1:05 pm

    For us a cosy night in is very similar, cooking a good meal, candles and a movie or box set. We have gousto as well and I agree that it has totally changed our eating habits x

  5. May 30, 2019 / 6:47 pm

    I love a good night in just as much as I love going out. I agree that food, drinks and snacks are essential components, not to mention comfy slippers and PJs :)

  6. Winsze Cheung
    May 30, 2019 / 7:59 pm

    I love nights in with comfy clothes, food and Netflix always the best nights! Those slippers do look very comfortable and it’s always relaxing when you know the flat is spotless before you properly enjoy the evening!

  7. May 31, 2019 / 8:33 am

    I need a good pair of slippers as I’ve not had any for years, I love the softness from the sheepskin, they sound perfect for a cosy night in

  8. May 31, 2019 / 10:19 pm

    I love slippers and I always have a blanket over me no matter what the weather.

  9. June 2, 2019 / 1:28 pm

    I think it can be so fun and relaxing to plan a cosy night inside with your partner. Those slippers look very comfy as well. So it’s like a wini-win!

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