How To Create A Soothing Home Atmosphere

Your home is where you resort to at the end of the day to recharge your physical and mental batteries. It’s a safe haven for you to unwind and feel completely at peace with yourself. When you consider how your home is intended to be a place for you to escape, it’s imperative that you design it with décor and light and peaceful colours that will make you feel more comfortable and less stressed.  I wrote all about how to create a luxe bedroom to relax in on my blog. It’s easy to design a very happy and inviting home with some useful design strategies.


Lights in your home are used for more than just brightening up a particular room. It also can influence how you or a guest feels inside your home. If your room has bright lighting it will cause people to feel more energized and less sluggish or drained. However, it’s important to not select lighting that’s too bright since it can resort in headaches and make it hard for people to relax since they’re overwhelmed by the light.

The ideal lighting is a soft yet effective lamp or decorative light fixture. In addition, you can install a dimmer in your home so you can easily control how light/dark a particular room is. Also, recessed lighting is great at brightening up a room without making it overbearing. When looking for recessed lighting you need to consider the best places to put the lights and should understand which light bulbs would be ideal for lighting the room without being too overbearing.

Color and Themes

The colour you choose for your walls is important since it can easily add a particular vibe to your room. For example, light colors, such as a soft brown or green, will add a more outdoorsy and nature vibe to your home. Whereas, a bright color such as red or purple will give your home a bolder look and can make it more difficult to unwind and relax.

When you begin to update your home’s interior to design a more restful and soothing atmosphere, you shouldn’t neglect the color of your walls. If you’re in doubt about what color to select, it’s always wise to go with a neutral color. The colors you choose will ultimately influence how your home looks and feels. Also, neutral wall colors make it easy to coordinate furniture and décor with the rest of the home. A neutral color will effectively add a more calming environment to your home since it blends well with a variety of colours and doesn’t end up overtaking a room and making it appear too bold. The lack of overwhelming brightness and natural hues in a room can create a look that’s both elegant and soothing.

Order and Structure

It might shock you that your home’s vibe is influenced by how well it’s organised. If your home is constantly messy it will make it harder for you to get the most out of your home and can make it more difficult you to concentrate since you’re distracted on the clutter. Also, any type of clutter will automatically make your home appear not as inviting and will make your home less attractive to guests. People generally don’t like to spend time in an area that’s disorganised.

To keep your home peaceful and not as stressful, it’s wise to always have your home organised and clean. By not having your home filled with clutter, you’ll have an easier time thinking clearly and won’t end up being distracted or unhappy.

You can make a positive change in your home and transform it into a more soothing and productive environment by following a few simple design steps.

Energy and Flow of Emotions

When you step into someone’s home, you can often tell right away when something doesn’t feel right. There might be an unpleasant smell in the home, the colours might be too bright and overpowering or the layout of the furniture might be awkward and not inviting. Whatever the reason might be that you feel uncomfortable, it’s easy to avoid this from happening in your own home with some small changes.

You can make your home more much more welcoming by changing the layout of the furniture. Housetipster said a home with an open layout design often has a more positive and inviting type of energy due to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese belief system that lists a set of governing principles regarding the flow of energy and how it can influence your home’s vibe. The Chinese believe that energy flow can be managed in a positive or negative manner by rearranging your furniture with these flows of energy and emotions in a beneficial way. Feng Shui is based off more than just how furniture is placed. Soft colours, home décor, cleanliness and plants are a few factors that can influence the energy flow of a home and make it more positive and Feng Shui.

Open Space

It’s essential to keep your home very airy and open in order to attract a sense of positivity and increase the air flow in your home. For example, you shouldn’t have furniture that obstructs people’s walk ways or ends up taking up a lot of valuable space and in terms of décor, less is always more. Your home will appear more welcoming and less stressful if you only have the necessary pieces of furniture and don’t fill a room with small pieces of décor. It’s better to have a minimalist designed room that offers a lot of open space for people to walk around and relax. If you have a small home and are tight on space, you can consider installing open shelving or purchase pieces of furniture that also double as storage containers, such as ottomans, to increase the amount of space in a particular room.

Go Natural

A home that includes light green, brown or yellow will generally remind people of nature and make your home appear more energised and calming. You should consider these colours for furniture, décor and wall colours. You can add an even more relaxing vibe to your home by using gorgeous plants, candles and natural fragrances around your home to make it smell more refreshing. However, it’s wise to use the fragrances and candles sparingly because they can quickly have an adverse effect on your home and make your space smell too overbearing.

Once you’ve utilised these suggestions to create a more peaceful home, your mood will automatically improve and you’ll have an easier time feeling completely relaxed in your home. With these small design improvements, you’ll notice how much easier it is to fall asleep and feel rejuvenated the next day.

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