Curb Appeal – 3 Simple Tricks That WILL Improve It

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The term ‘curb appeal’ can seem like something of a buzzword that realtors throw around when they want to convince you to make an offer on a property, but no, it is actually a valid definition for something tangible, practical, and even valuable.

Curb appeal is quite simply the impression your home gives from the outside. It can affect your property’s valuation, how inviting your property seems, how secure it presents itself to be, and more.

That being said, it can sometimes be that renewing your drive every single year seems a little expensive and over the top, and we can’t always curate a twig-perfect image by trimming our hedges each and every day.

That being said, good curb appeal need not seem like some arcane art you can only access after reading ten ancient scrolls and performing a ritual in your front garden. We admit that would be much cooler, but perhaps three of these following simple tricks will help you instead:

Front Door Replacement

Front door replacement can truly change the aesthetic of a home, and also how impressive it seems. Upgrading your front doors may seem like a simple task, but when you upgrade to better materials, a more appropriate color that matches your repainted garage door, or you apply a door that simply lets in more natural light while still retaining privacy, you’ll no doubt see just how effective and transformative a new door can be. 

Of course, you can add further practical elements here just for you, such as a cat-flap, enhanced locking systems, or sometimes, just further structural strength thanks to the material.

Garden Trimmings

Garden trimmings can be so simple to add, but so effective in the long run. For instance, replacing your mailbox so it looks more structurally sound and the rust is removed can help your home look well-put together. You’d be surprised how themed window boxes and trimmings can also help your home come together and look beautiful.

Garden trimmings may simply mean dismantling that old and unused children’s playframe, or slightly disheveled trampoline. It might mean emptying your garage filled with junk so you can park your car in there once more, and thus help your driveway look more open (and easier to use!) These are great ideas.


Believe it or not, a home that looks secure or well-positioned can, in actual fact, help it seem more impressive and sell more easily. A strong gate, hedges that give privacy, even something as strong and awe-inspiring as a large tree in the garden can give your home a sense of permanence. Is the exterior well lit and are the side-alleys visible and maintained? That shows you take care of your home, and that helps the curb appeal look more impressive to the right people. Curb appeal and its valuation can be hard to predict on occasion.

With this advice, we hope you can improve your curb appeal in the best possible manner.

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