Daring To Try Something New in Plus Size Fashion

WhatLauraLoves For The Bridges Sunderland Lookbook Plus Size Yours Clothing

When was the last time someone dared you to do something?

More to the point, when did you last dare yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone?

Now is the time!

When it comes to a lot about life but especially plus size fashion, the best outfits are just outside of your comfort zone!  If we always wore the same thing, life would get pretty boring wouldn’t it?  Remember back in school when we’d all complain about wearing a uniform and we’d shout about wishing we could express our individuality?  Well now is our chance, yet so many of us are stuck in the run of wearing the same thing day in day out and for those of us who are lacking in body confidence, that can mean the same ol’ leggings and shapeless long tunic every single day.

In reality, theres a whole world of gorgeous clothes out there ready for us to feel gorgeous in, if only we would take the initial plunge and try them on.

And so, I dare you!  The next time you’re out shopping, take something different into the changing rooms with you & see what happens.  If you don’t like it, simply pop it back on the hanger and leave it for someone else to feel fabulous in; it may not be the right outfit for you but it will be for someone else.

Prefer online shopping?  Me too!  So add a new outfit that you’d never normally try to your basket and give it a go in the comfort of your own home.  There’s so many possibilities by trying clothes on in this way as you can switch up your underwear and shoes, add accessories like the Moon Magic opal collection and try it out with other things in your wardrobe to have a better chance of creating a look that you love.  Still, if you don’t like it, simply pop it back into the bag, seal it up and return to sender.

Remember; the world has not ended.  No one has died.  We’re all just as worthy & valid as we were before we tried it on.

The flip side of course is that you could absolutely LOVE it and that feeling is definitely worth the risk, trust me.

WhatLauraLoves For The Bridges Sunderland Lookbook Plus Size Yours Clothing

Pulling on an outfit and feeling amazing when you weren’t really expecting to is really where the magic happens!  Take the outfit I’m wearing in this post for example; a Yours Clothing Black Check Cowl Neck Tunic Dress worn over plus size leggings and a burgundy polo neck, paired with the boots from my #LauraLovesAutumn edit at Curvissa.  I didn’t think much of this dress on the hanger but I thought I’d give it a go anyway… layered up and styled like this, I’m in LOVE.  Its the perfect outfit for this time of the year and I feel so sassy, comfortable and confident wearing it.  The dream for any outfit!

These photos were taken on a magazine shoot for The Bridges Shopping Centre in Sunderland who have put together a fantastic magazine sharing the best the centre has to offer this winter, including my top plus size fashion outfits from Yours Clothing which are available in their Sunderland store.  Do pick one up if you’re in the city centre, I’ve love to know what you think of it!

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