Davines DEDE Hair Care

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying out a couple of products from Davines, primarily the DEDE Conditioner Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist but I also received a sample of the Delicate Ritual Shampoo to try out too.  I’ve heard great things about Davines products, I remember first reading about them on Tali’s blog AGES ago.  Davines are a hair care brand whose products are largely influenced by their Italian heritage and combine science and tradition with the essence of Mediterranean herbs and fruits.

The DEDE collection of haircare products are specially formulated for fine and stressed hair.  This family of products have a mild and delicate formula but don’t let that trick you into thinking they’re weak.  They know what they’re doing and they do it well.

Davines DEDE Conditioner

Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist with Grape Extract


The Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist is designed for fine hair that tends to lose volume and body quickly, i.e. my hair.  It contains grapeseed extract which is a natural antioxidant and great at making hair strong and protecting it.

It is very easy to use and achieve great results with this spray; after shampooing my hair, I towel dry it, spritz a few pumps all over my hair and comb through, yes it is even light enough to use on the roots without making my hair greasy!  I then either leave my hair to dry naturally, creating body in my hair as it naturally falls, or I blow dry my hair for a more volumised, sleek look.  This leave-in mist is gentle enough to be used everyday, or rather every time you wash your hair and it is light enough to be sprayed directly at the roots which is something I have always avoided with other leave-in conditioning mists as my hair always ends up looking as though it needs another wash.

I’ve been trying this out over the last couple of weeks and I have experimented with the number of pumps of product needed in order to achieve my perfect volumised look.  I usually spritz around 3-4 pumps however I have tried more and it still doesn’t make my hair greasy at all.

The DEDE Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist is also great to be used for detangling hair after washing too as I’ve found that after spraying my hair, the wide tooth comb I use and my Tangle Teezer runs through it much easier than they have done before.  I’ve tried using this on my hair extensions too and it made them lovely and soft and they really held their shape when I blow dried the ends under with a big round brush, giving my hair lots of volume when I clipped them in.

The Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist is £16.30 for 250ml and is available from salons.  For information on stockists please contact 0203 3015449.

Davines DEDE Shampoo

Delicate Ritual Shampoo with Carrot Extract

I got three uses out of this sample so although I can’t comment on its performance over time, I did get to use it enough so see some results and to see how it performs after the first few uses.  The application was the same as any normal shampoo.  It doesn’t lather up massively which is a testament to the natural products it contains but it is very easy to work into the hair and massage deeply into the scalp and roots.  I found it to be very clarifying without stripping my hair which I really liked as it made my hair feel very clean and strong.  After shampooing and adding the leave in mist, my hair was soft and silky with a healthy shine.  Lush!

The full size is £13.10 for 250ml.

If you’d like to find out where Davines is stocked in your area, please contact 0203 3015449 for more information.

Which Davines products have you tried?  What is your favourite hair care brand?

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  1. Francesco
    July 19, 2012 / 5:28 pm

    francesco picardi (www.francescopicardi.com) uses the entire Davines range in his boutique salon in shoreditch, london! experience there amazing and natural effects on your hair

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