Dealing With Stress

Stress, stress, stress.  Even the simple mention of it has a Pavlovian effect on us; you begin to feel a little nervous.  Ultimately, stress is no laughing matter.  It has been branded one of the top killers of our times.  Indeed, stress can dramatically affect your health.  Additionally, because stress forces your body to produce dedicated hormones, it can considerably hinder some of your bodily functions, from digestion to sleeping patterns.  Perhaps the most evident sign of stress and the easiest symptom to spot is the way it messes up with your mind.  Enjoying a calm lifestyle begins with reclaiming your peace of mind. 

A cup of green tea can change your day 

Your mood is all over the place

Stress hurts your mood, driving your hormones crazy and making you feel high and low at the same time.  You can find yourself snapping at a friend, and the next minute, you are almost lazy and passive, overwhelmed by depressive emotions. Making sense of what’s going on in your mind at any given time is never easy. But when stress becomes part of your routine, small problems can feel like insurmountable mountains. There is no need trying to go through it alone. You need to talk about your situation to someone you trust. Seeking help – from a friend or a professional – can help you to regain your balance.  Even a knowledgeable chemist may be able to guide you towards a solution that could help you take back control of your mood and help you manage your feelings.

Get rid of the negative triggers

Stress doesn’t happen for no reason. If you’re anxious in the office, it’s likely to be caused by an unpleasant situation that occurred in the workplace, such as dealing with a rude or heavy workload. However, there are also situations where the triggers lie in the past. If you’ve been through a difficult relationship, seeing items that you’ve bought during that time can be stressful, for instance. It can be easier to get rid of the belongings that remind you of it. But, not everyone is ready to let go of the past. You could, in the meantime, keep some of your belongings in a storage facility, until you’re ready to move on. Once it’s out of sight, your mind is free! 

Pour it on the paper

Colouring allows your brain to relax. It is an easy form of meditative support that trains your mind out of more aggressive defence mechanisms. By focusing on the image and the colours, you encourage your brain to let go of worries and be more present in the moment. Indeed, creative hobbies can provide the perfect escape from your stressful routine. You can also pick another hobby – some people swear by knitting! However, if you’re new to the craft world, colouring is a fantastic starting place. 

You could use a little treat

Close your eyes and bring an apple to your face. Don’t eat it. Smell it only and let your senses guide you. Do you feel any better? The scent of green apples has a surprisingly soothing effect on the brain. If smelling apples doesn’t work though, nibble on some dark chocolate or drinking green tea. Indeed, they reduce the levels of cortisol in your body. 

Nobody likes stress. But, while you can’t avoid it, you can at least help your brain to release tension. Indeed, stress begins in your mind; if you can tackle it right there, you can stop it from affecting your life and your physical health.

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