Decadent Bedroom Design Tips

We all know that running a home is a big chore – it’s a job that will never, ever finish. You spend the majority of your life having to run around handling errands and stressing over work before coming home and having to tend to the needs of the house. As it’s a gruelling and traditionally unrewarding job to take care of, you deserve to have something nice happen to you in terms of your home – wouldn’t you agree?

Well, what about spicing up your bedroom a little? We mentioned that your occupation, errands and housework takes up a big load, but so too does sleeping. You deserve to rest in luxury, so why not give your bedroom and makeover and turn it into something you’ll feel majestic in? Sound like a good idea? Well, let’s look at how you can go about achieving just that.


It’s got to have a base to work around. You need that foundation to start out with in order to know exactly how to proceed in terms of interior design and any additions. Sure, you could put together a group of designs and items that don’t match, but then everything would look a little odd, no? There are a bunch of themes you could go for: chic, modern, feminine, girly – the list is seemingly endless. If you’re having a little trouble choosing a type, you can use the power of the internet to teach you.


Once you get an idea of how you want it to look, you get to be a little creative and choose the colours. No doubt with the theme already chosen, you’ll already have a few ideas about what you want, but it’s good to look at all of the options. Do you want glossy colours, metallic colours, or matte colours? There are heaps of different ones. Enjoy the search!


As you’ll want nothing but luxury and decadence in your new boudoir, you’ll want the fabrics to mimic that of a superstar. Some of the glamorous ones are, of course, the softness of silk, as well as satin. If you want to relax in a beautiful bed with the utmost comfort, then these are great choices. You could go one further and look to bring in some faux furs – they often give out that feeling of pure luxury whilst remaining nice and comfy.


Do you want something in the room that stands out and says ‘look at me’? Well, you could add something like a fireplace – it’ll relax you with the noise as well as keep you nice and crispy. Just get some woodlets pellets and a professional to install it for you, and you’ve got yourself a campfire in your bedroom. You could also have something outlandish like a four poster bed – that screams decadence.


Finally, you can round it all up by adding wonderful finishing touches. Some examples that people have done in the past include things like luxury rugs, fancy photo frames, and even some pretty new lighting.

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