Decorating your First Home: An Easy Guide

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Decorating and furnishing your first home is one of life’s simple pleasures that offers so much joy. Your home is your sanctuary, and a place in which we enjoy spending time with loved ones for a large proportion of our lives. Since the quality of your living space is one of the leading factors for your happiness and wellbeing, it’s important to make your new home a place where you can feel most at ease. 

Whether it’s through fixing in new lights, adding a splash of new paint on your walls, or even choosing to build a home extension, an interior makeover for your new property can be as little or drastic as you want it to be. This short inspiring interior design guide will cover tips and tricks to help you add the final touches and make your new home yours. Without further ado, let’s get started on achieving your dream interior decor for your new home.

A few key points to remember: 

  • Plan out what you need/want in advance: Firstly, it’s hugely beneficial to have a clear plan in mind before committing to decorate your new home. As soon as possible, make sure to create a list of everything that you’re planning to buy – this should also ideally include measurements for accuracy. Speak to your home builders if you are having any major work done such as a loft conversion or home extension; they should be able to give you room measurements and completion dates that you can plan from. Try to spend money where it counts most, for example with larger pieces such as a classy new bed or a striking new sofa.
  • You can still decorate your dream home on a budget: Sometimes, achieving your exact interior decor goals may seem impossible while on a tight budget. However, with the right techniques, it’s surprisingly easy to make your home look just as attractive and lavish as those with larger budgets. In order to avoid any disappointment, remember to be realistic with your plans.
  • You don’t have to buy brand new furnishings: This is especially important if you’re sticking to a budget – always ask around friends and family to see if they are planning on throwing out any furniture, for example sofas, coffee tables, or dining sets. Alternatively, you can look around online marketplaces to find high quality pieces for the best price. If you do decide to buy your furnishings brand new, look out for discounts and offers in multiple shops. 
  • If it’s not working, keep experimenting: Achieving your dream home is a work in progress. Take small steps, experiment with ideas, and test the span of your creativity by stepping out of your comfort zone and you will most definitely be impressed with the results!
  • Embrace the imperfections: As hard as it may seem, try not to compare your own home with others. Nobody’s home is perfect, especially when “perfect” has a different definition for everyone. Whether it be space or practicality, every property has some sort of flaw that may make certain forms of decorating tricky. Let your home annoy you! The chances are, you’ll eventually come across a solution which is far cheaper and simpler than you first supposed. 

Interior design ideas: 

Be Bold

There is no rule that a home has to abide by a certain theme. If you’re an enthusiast for anything vintage or retro, harness your creativity and make an impact among contemporary furnishings by dedicating a room to brave colours and vibrant patterns, a record player, a gaming machine, indoor plants, or quirky lighting. You don’t have to paint the whole room – be daring and choose a block colour for an accent wall that amplifies your chosen decor. 

Your bold choice of furnishings will be sure to impress and inspire your friends and family and make for a bright and fun area to socialise. Whether you choose to make each room of your new home unique or entirely matched with each other, this is your chance to unleash your creative side. 

Or Go Neutral

For some, less is more. Depending on your personal preference, opting for a more minimalistic approach can make your new home appear less cluttered, and can even create the added illusion of a larger, open space in smaller homes. If this sounds of interest to you, try focusing on minimalistic black or white furnishings, then throw in interesting accents such as a statement rug, funky pillows, or a quirky throw blanket to complement the space. 

Showcase your Personality 

Your home is your chance to visually showcase who you are and where you have been in the world. Create a feature wall by decorating plain walls in need of attention with personal photos of loved ones, unforgettable trips, and dazzling framed designs that grab your guest’s attention. There are a myriad of online art print websites that sell hundreds of impressive bespoke prints that embody all that you stand for, whether that’s female empowerment, animal welfare, or, well, pizza! 

Optimize your Space 

Make the most of your space in the smaller areas of your property by resourcefully placing furniture, or through installing shelving units for storage. Shelving units can make attractive additions to bare walls and can be complemented by your wall decorations that surround them. They’re also affordable, easy to install, and help to add more dimension to even the smallest of rooms. You can utilise shelving units to store all of your favourite mementos and trinkets that encapsulate your personality. For all the creatives out there, why not try out a few DIY home decoration ideas  for an even more personalised touch? If you’re feeling adventurous, try grabbing your painting overalls and brushing on a splash of colour on your shelving units to create an even more dynamic space!  

Invest in Small (Or Big!) Home Upgrades 

Easy upgrades in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom make a world of difference when it comes to creating an attractive space. For a custom look, invest in smaller upgrades such as new tiling, fixtures, hardware, or window shutters such as those from Loft conversions and home extensions are other extremely popular home upgrade choices due to their capability of adding both value and character to a property. They can also be a practical solution in providing a sense of balance and a tranquil space that is separate from other rooms, which can work particularly well for those who live in smaller homes. 

Bring in all the light!

Investing in contemporary windows for your home is another decoration statement that should not be overlooked if you want to completely transform your space. Even better, allowing those sun rays in has been proven to improve your health and overall mood, and possibly in turn encourage your productivity and motivation. Having natural lighting in your home also has the notable added benefit of allowing rooms to feel airy and unenclosed. In the case your new property doesn’t have the advantage of natural lighting, there are fortunately a variety of ways that you can achieve this. 

For the best results, apply light toned paint on ceilings and walls to encourage light to reflect into rooms, use higher gloss paint to turn your walls into mirrors, or buy tiles that are highly reflective. Installing skylights in your ceiling or investing in sliding glazed doors can also greatly help in providing consistent lighting in your rooms. From your kitchen to your bedroom, choosing to install artificial lighting can equally add ambience with a contemporary touch to your home. Think LED lights above your kitchen counters, lively pendant lighting above your dining space, or statement standing lamps in your living room to create an inviting and relaxed vibe.

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