Designing  The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

Dream Bedroom

Peaceful. Rejuvenating. Tranquil. That is what our bedrooms should be. For many however, bedroom decor and design falls by the wayside in comparison to the public living spaces in the home like kitchens or family rooms. “Bedrooms quickly fall on the list of spaces to work on someday, which is ironic given they’re where we spend the largest portion of our lives,” writes Janell Beals of Forbes Magazine. When taking the task of transforming your home with new design and decor, consider making your bedroom your top priority. A properly designed bedroom should emanate serenity and bring you many nights of restful sleep.


The most vital item in your bedroom comes from the room’s namesake: the bed. A comfortable bed is the centrepiece of the room, and should be at the forefront of your list when redecorating your bedroom, says The Better Sleep Council. If your bed does not feel welcoming, it’s not the bed for you. You can read up on mattress reviews and conduct a little research before you buy to ensure that the mattress you are purchasing is the oasis of your dreams: a place to sleep; a place to relax; a place to read and retreat. Once you find the perfect bed, adding a bed frame can create a lasting statement in the room. Choose an iron frame for an antique farmhouse feel, a low and sleek frame for a modern look, or a wooden frame for the classic aesthetic.


It’s essential to have a consistent colour palette when redecorating any area, but especially a bedroom. Pick a colour palette to suit your personality, but stick with soothing and soft colours rather than busy, bright or over the top ones. Soft greys, greens, and taupes work together, as do blues, greys, and creams for a cooler look. Grey is one of the most versatile colours to work with because it acts as a simple base colour that matches most other colours. You can bring out your colour palette, not only with your choice of wall colour, but also with bedding, throw pillows, area rugs, and even plants.


Layered bedding not only provides luxurious comfort, but acts as the cherry on top to the perfect relaxing bedroom space. Layering on your bed also provides a mix of textures and colours to bring the whole look together. Start with a pair of organic cotton or silk sheets; then your duvet, a quilt for warmth, a nice fleece or faux-fur blanket, and then top it off with some fun throw pillows to express your style. A bed with layered accessories is not only inviting, but creates lasting comfort for a better night’s rest.

A beautiful bedroom design takes but a few simple steps to provide lasting comfort. Arguably the most important room in the home, it needs to be treated as such. Go and get decorating!

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