Diane Keaton- The Style Icon for Today’s Trends?

Diane Keaton- Image from IMDb

Diane Keaton is a household name, being an incredible actress for over fifty years you would not expect any less. Not only renowned for her acting capabilities, and famous loves, her style was and is an important part of her character, on and off screen. Her androgynous fashion started as an unconventional symbol but even today fashion houses all over the world continue to depict the oversized shirts and pleated slacks of the tomboy style.

Looking back over the past thirty years we can reflect on the changes and how her style has evolved, without diminishing the representation of her own personality in her clothing choices.


The Boyish Charm

It was during the late 70s that Keaton’s tendency towards loose tailored menswear was in full swing, in fact it is often said she led the way for the trend. The year 1977 brought her an Oscar for Annie Hall and with it the events in which to wear her tuxedos and smart unisex fabrics. Sticking to mainly monochrome, she was a style and sex symbol showing there is no need for revealing clothing when it comes to fashion.

The Feminine 40s


The oversized tailoring and generous material didn’t completely fade with Keaton’s meander into the feminine. The tomboy style stayed but with feminine accessories, these included headscarves, neckerchiefs and plenty of jewellery. Find similar statement chains in necklaces from Pandora because the continuing minimalist and monochrome trend similar to Keaton’s style go perfectly with longer silver necklaces.

Check Out: Black and White


Nothing says chic smart like statement black and white. It became Keaton’s signature look to see her in crisp black or white shirts, ties and oversized print coats. Not forgetting her infamous bowler hats.Now that being one of the boys is on trend for Autumn 13 there is a definite parallel to Keaton circa early noughties.

Divine Elegance

Now in her sixties she still has style, showing off her elegant figure in feminine dresses. Staying true to her personal style she stays with monochrome and black tailoring. However, there’s nothing plain about her accessories, which show off her fun and quirky personality. Always a fan of the turtlenecks, they elongate her already graceful frame, though don’t be fooled – the bowler hat still makes appearances.

Not happy enough putting actress and mother to her resume, it also includes director, writer and style icon. In a recent interview with Pandora Magazine, Keaton states “like my mother I have saved everything. I hoard the past.” Spoken like a true fashionista who knows that certain trends, will always come back around.

Who is your style icon?


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  1. aisyah Chronicles
    August 23, 2013 / 3:26 am

    I love her acting. I watched her as an annoying mother in 'Because I Say So' with Mandy Moore and her style is very adorable but age-appropriate somehow 😀 Great article. She's really an icon

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