Dirty Works Blemish Buster 2in1 Scrub and Mask

Dirty Works Blemish Buster 2 in 1 Scrub and Mask, £4.99 for 125ml from Sainsbury’s

When I review skincare, I usually spend ages trying it out before commenting on it as  I like to thoroughly test the product and wait to see the true results.  However with the Blemish Buster from Dirty Works, I haven’t had to wait any time at all as it is one of the few products that you can see a result from after the first use.  I’ve been trying this out over the last week and I cannot believe the results, even after the first use, I saw a difference in my skin.

The Bemish Buster is a multi tasking product that can be used as both a clay face mask and as a scrub.  It is designed to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin to get rid of pimples, blocked pores and dirt on your face.  The Blemish Buster is gentle enough for everyday use.  I keep mine next to my bath and have been using it every other night.  I love exfoliating my skin, it is my favourite part of my skincare routine but since I am also using the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, I am very concious to not over exfoliate my skin as although I have greasy skin, I do not want to strip it completely of its natural oils as it will go into overdrive and produce even more oil.  As I said, I’ve been using the Blemish Buster every other night as a scrub and I have also tried it out as a face mask.  Both application methods work really well.

To use it as a scrub, I wet my face with warm water then apply a small amount to my face in circular motions, concentrating on my dry areas between my eyebrows and around my chin and jaw line, and on my oily areas like my T Zone and around my nose where I also have blackheads.  The product itself is a great consistency; fine and gritty that, when using out of the line of running water, can be nice and abrasive.  My skin feels very clean but not tight at all after using this.  I have also tried using this as a mask by using the same application method above but instead of washing it off, I massage a little more product into my skin and then leave it for 5 minutes, usually while I shave or exfoliate my body.  The Blemish Buster is clay based and contains kaolin which is great for drawing out impurities from the skin and absorbing excess sebum so not only is it great for getting rid of pimples but also for preventing others from forming.

When I first started using this last Friday I had a few blemishes, that weren’t full spots but weren’t the deep under the skin kind either… more like pimples, and some blackheads.  I’ve always had a problem with blackheads, I’ve got quite large pores and whilst I don’t get spots often, I do get blocked pores and blackheads.  This scrub has worked wonders in such a short space of time.  After the first use, my skin was bright, my pores were unclogged and my blackheads banished.  I’ve used products in the past like the Clearasil Blackhead Clearing Pads that have worked wonders on my blackheads but not as quickly as the blemish buster and not with as long lasting results.  For example, the pads, I had to use twice daily and if I missed them out of my skincare routine then I would really notice the difference in my skin, that said I do still love them.  I have quite an oily t zone, large pores around my nose onto my cheeks and dry patches on and between my eyebrows and around my chin and jaw line.  As an all over scrub, the Blemish Buster worked incredibly well.  My skin felt exceptionally clean, soft and very smooth and it looked very clear too.  After the first use, there was a noticeable difference in my blackheads and my pores appeared clear and they didn’t look as enlarged as before.  Over the next few uses this continued and what I loved the most about this product is how it stopped my skin from getting as oily throughout the day; I say it is this product as it is the only thing that I have changed in my skincare routine so I can’t put it down to anything else.  Plus I’ve been going makeup free most days and my skin would usually be oily by the time I get home from work and it hasn’t.  It has just been very clear and flawless looking.  I’m so impressed with this scrub.  I usually use the St Ives Apricot Scrub which I have raved about countless times but this one is even better.

Dirty Works as a brand reminds me of Soap and Glory and if I had to compare this particular product to something, I’d say it was fairly similar to the Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, which is also a 2 in 1 scrub and mask, but the Dirty Works Blemish Buster is better.  It’s all I wanted Scrub Your Nose In It to be and more.

Dirty Works products are available exclusively in Sainsbury’s both online and in store.  They’re so affordable and the Sainsbury’s website has lots of their products on special offer at the moment.  I really hope to try more from them; the next time I’m doing a food shop for my family i’ll definitely pop a couple of products in my trolley.  The Blemish Buster retails for only £4.99 which I was so suprised at as it performs better than so many of my higher end products.

Have you tried any Dirty Works products?


  1. Anonymous
    June 19, 2012 / 8:35 am

    Sounds great! I'm excited to try it.

  2. Liz
    June 19, 2012 / 4:18 pm

    Hmmm…that's a pretty strong review! I might have to try this stuff out. I love the packaging too. Checking to see where I can buy it online…I've been reading your blog for the past week or so, and I ordered the peach rise dress from Simply Be because you looked so cute in it. But alas, no good on me. And one sleeve was more than an inch shorter than the other?!? I enjoy reading your blog and product reviews, though. 🙂

    • WhatLauraLoves
      June 19, 2012 / 4:52 pm

      Its great, especially for the price! You can buy it online from Sainsburys. I'm going to pick some more Dirty Works products up when I go shopping to see if the whole range is as good!Pleased you've been reading my blog and enjoying it, any requests that you have for reviews etc feel free to ask. Im gutted about the Simply Be dress, their clothing is usually so well made which is why I don't mind paying a little more for it… as their clothes certainly aren't cheap. I suppose every company can make mistakes and produce a fault item or batch but it doesnt make you feel great when you've ordered it online. I always remember ordering a white jacket years ago and instead of using white thread inside like the others id seen in store, they'd used black so you could see it through the jacket!! Useless! Never mind I suppose xxxx

  3. Jo
    July 11, 2012 / 10:05 am

    Just googled this product after buying it on a whim. I have just tried it and WOW!

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