Ditzy Fizz

Morning All

I’m exhausted at the moment, life seems to be going by SO quickly and I just don’t have the time to truly enjoy it.  Last night, I went out with some friends I hadn’t seen for a while but I really needed perking up before I got ready to go out, so when I got in from work, I ran a hot bath and popped in a Ditzy Doll bath bomb.  My bath bomb of choice last night was Ditzy Fizz, a bath time treat infused with champagne, orange and mimosa.  Anything remotely associated with champagne is an instant hit with me.

Ditzy Fizz

Ditzy Doll bath bombs have improved recently with a few notable differences.  Firstly, they’re much bigger than they used to be and some are now heart shaped rather than the usual round bath bomb shape which I much prefer.  I love anything heart shaped so these really are a design that I love.

Ditzy Fizz, like the other Ditzy Doll bath bombs, still come in a little organza bag which is really handy.  If I’m not using the bath bomb in the bag, then I use the bag to store some of my jewellery.  The organza bags are great to reuse to keep little earrings in or a necklace that you don’t want to get tangled up with other necklaces.  The organza bags are also handy to put gifts in for friends birthdays, or indeed to give the gift of a Ditzy Doll bath bomb inside one of the little bags.


Have you tried any Ditzy Doll bath bombs?  What are you enjoying in the bath lately?


  1. Fiona
    August 9, 2011 / 10:13 pm

    You had me at the word champagne! lol I've never tried ditzy doll bath products (I'm a loyal Lush user) but think I will have to try this one – I can almost smell it! Fiona xxx

  2. Supergirl
    August 10, 2011 / 1:05 am

    Aww, it looks so lovely!

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