Does eyesight get worse with age?

There are many factors that can cause our eyesight to worsen over time. Perhaps you’ve always had perfect vision growing up, but have noticed a slight change as you’ve got older. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the reasons as to why our eyesight could deteriorate and the ways in which you could prevent the likelihood of this happening.


Naturally as we get older, the majority of people will develop an eye condition called presbyopia. The signs that this condition is starting to show include having to hold objects further way in order to focus on them more easily and clearly. 

You may also experience blurry vision when reading at a normal distance. This condition usually starts to have an effect at the mid-40 mark. 


It’s crucial to be aware of your family’s eye history, as some conditions can be caused by genetics. Be sure to know what signs to look out for and let your optician know of any health history.

Another condition you might experience after you turn 40 is glaucoma, a hereditary disease which can cause irreversible blindness if the eye’s optic nerve is damaged. 

Symptoms of this don’t usually show until very late on in the process, meaning it’s extra important to get regular eye examinations once you hit this age. 


Staring at screens for long periods of time means you’ll be experiencing exposure to blue light radiation, potentially causing severe eye strain. 

This blue light is emitted from smartphones, computers and televisions and often affects young people. Eye strain can result in tired, irritated and dry eyes – and can also contribute to headaches.

Ensure to always wear your contact lenses or glasses to help protect your eyes. Alternatively, consider purchasing a pair of blue light glasses.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help protect your eyes from potential damage. This includes eating a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding smoking. 

Exercising on a regular basis can increase oxygen levels in the eyes, enhancing the overall blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the UV rays released from the sun. UV rays can be particularly damaging to the eyes, so protecting them with sunglasses, visors and hats can play a fundamental role in preventing your eyes to worsen. 

Eye tests

Ensuring you are always attending your eye examinations is really important. This can help your optician spot any early warning signs of potential conditions or infections that may cause your vision to worsen. 

It’s said that more than 50% of sight loss is preventable, so getting your eyes regularly tested is a great way to help prevent any long-term damage in the future.

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