Don’t Spend Thousands on Your Wedding Dress! Use These Ideas Instead

Your wedding is the one day devoted to you and your loved one, celebrating your happiness together and forever. However, it’s a day that can also cost thousands of pounds. It’s a special day and one that you shouldn’t have to compromise on, but the amount of money that you spend on your wedding can be significantly reduced by opting for a cheaper wedding dress. Here are some ideas on different ways that you can cut the spending on a dress that you’ll wear for one – admittedly special – day, and save money that you can use elsewhere for lifelong investments like a house deposit for you and your loved one’s future family together!

Rent Your Dress

You can rent cars, houses and even spaces, so why not rent a wedding dress for your special day? Renting a dress can come with a price tag that is 85% cheaper than purchasing the same dress, and so it seems almost strange to think that you’d ever do anything different! When you purchase a dress, you may purely wear it for your special wedding day and then it will be left hanging in your spare room for decades. Doesn’t that sound extremely wasteful, as well as ridiculous considering the amount of money that you will have paid? Renting a dress offers a way that you can actually afford the dress of your dreams without having to sacrifice or interrupt your future plans. Besides, you’ll actually be re-wearing a dress in which other brides have experienced their own happy day, which is certainly encouraging for your wedding nerves!

Renting your dress is an especially good idea if you’re having a destination wedding and need to fly to the area where you’re getting married.  Rather than carry a big bulky dress with you, rent it at the other end and save yourself the hassle!

Buy Second Hand

This is perhaps the most obvious way that you can save money and not have to compromise on style, while also helping out the planet by reusing something that would otherwise be used once! Not only can you purchase your dress second hand, but you could even sell on your second hand dress so that it can be worn again, and facilitate the cycle of reusing instead of purchasing brand new. There are plenty of websites dedicated to buying and selling preloved wedding dresses, but it is worth looking in charity shops, vintage shops and even marketplaces as there are plenty of recent brides looking to make back some money that they have spent on their wedding. 

You don’t have to constrain yourself to searching for a dress intended as a wedding dress, since any dress that you choose to wear on your wedding day is in fact a wedding dress! If you find a dress that is red instead of white, but you feel special and want to walk down the aisle in it – go for it. Afterall, the day is dedicated to you and your loved one, and so you can dress however you see best. 

Choose Simple

Opting for a lightweight or a short cut dress can save you money, and increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to wear the dress again if it lacks the frills, lace and extravagance of the complicated wedding dresses sold at extortionate prices! Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, but it can simply mean opting for retail sold dresses over non-couture or custom-made gowns. For Better For Worse have compiled an article with the best budget wedding dresses on the high street that don’t compromise on style, quality and wow factor. They have proved that a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean that you won’t feel special on your wedding day by hunting out gorgeous gowns that are suitable for all sizes, styles and budgets. 

When purchasing a wedding dress, you can grab a bargain if you look at the right time. Many retailers and even wedding dress specialists will have summer and winter seasons for their stock, which means that there will be a sale or discount available when one season ends! This could be the golden time to nab your dream dress at a lower price, without compromising on quality or style. You will have to get in quick, as many other brides-to-be are probably aware of this and also on the hunt for their bargain dress too. On top of this, keep an eye out for voucher codes and discounts that are available in retail stores, so that you can get your high street dress for even cheaper than you’d originally planned. 

If these ideas haven’t already convinced you that you can have your wedding cake and eat it, then a quick scan of the internet should prove that you can find your perfect dress at the price that’s right for you and won’t take a cut into your set wedding budget. Anything is possible for your special day that is the beginning of your future that you are trying to save money for!

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