Dr Organic Hand & Nail Creams Gift Set

My favourite skincare product is hand cream, I literally cannot live without it.  I’ve recently been using these hand creams from Dr. Organic that I got in this set which I found to be a fantastic way of trying out different scents from a brand I hadn’t used before, without committing to buying a full sized product.  This Hand and Nail Cream gift pack from Dr. Organic would make a great gift for anyone this Christmas, whether male or female, young or old.  I’m sure everyone will enjoy these.

Mini Hand and Nail Cream Pack, £6

You get three hand creams; Manuka Honey, Virgin Olive Oil and Rose Otto which are 20mls each and great value for money at only £6 for the set.  They are handbag essentials as they are small enough to carry around everyday and they are perfect for taking on a flight with you too so that you can have moisturised hands on the move! 

Ive thoroughly enjoyed using all of these little tubes of organic goodness but I must single out the Manuka Honey hand and nail cream as my favourite.  It smells absolutely divine, good enough to eat and is uber moisturising and nourishing even on my dry hands.  Its great at restoring my cracked and flaky skin too.  I found the Virgin Olive Oil hand cream to be nourishing also and it did a great job at hydrating my dry skin and protecting it from the winter elements.  The anti-ageing Rose Otto cream has a lovely strong scent and it is super moisturising and rejuvenating.  The fragrance of all of the hand creams lingers all day after application but does not irritate the skin which is most important.  They can be applied as frequently as you wish, as a guide, I found that I applied the hand cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at tea time.  I also use the cream on my elbows too where I suffer from dry and flaky skin.

I think its important to point out that I have really dry skin on my hands and suffer from psoriasis and dermatitis so my skin is often cracked and flaky… not very attractive.  Whilst these aren’t medicated products and I am not a dermatologist, I really found that they worked very well for my skin condition.  I use lots of hand cream to keep my psoriasis under control as when my hands are soft and moisturised not only do they look better but they don’t hurt either.  Hand cream is great for everyone to use, particularly in the winter when your hands are exposed to the cold outdoors and then plunged into central heating warmth.  Keeping your skin moisturised is great to help prevent premature ageing of your skin too- some get a face lift or botox in later life to make their face look younger but the skin on their hands will always be a tell tale sign of their age, take Sharon Osbourne for example.  Look after your skin now and it will look after you in years to come.

Manuka Honey, Virgin Olive Oil, Rose Otto

I love the way Dr Organic list all of the ingredients too and they tell you which bioactive, natural and organic ingredients are in each specific product so you know exactly what you’re getting. This is great if you have a skin condition like I do as you can choose a cream that has something in it that you know tends to be more effective for your skin type. Ailments like psoriasis aren’t curable just controllable and you often find that if you have a skin condition like this then you find certain ingredients in products that work for you better than others, for example, my father who also suffers from psoriasis, finds that olive oil based products work really well for his skin whereas I find that manuka honey works really well for my skin.

You can buy this gift set from Holland and Barrett both online (you’ll find lots of money saving offers on their website!) and in store where they also sell other gift sets like the Anti-Ageing Mini Body Lotion Pack for £8, the Rejuvenating Mini Body Lotion Pack for £8 and the Lavender and Rose Diffuser for £12.  They have the hand creams on their own in larger tubes too so I’ll definitely be repurchasing the Organic Manuka Honey Hand and Nail Cream.  Dr Organic also sell lots of other bioactive skincare products such as soap, toothpaste, lip balm and serum, blemish stick, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, the list of products is endless and they all are available with different ingredients like the hand creams.  There is a pomegranate range, manuka honey, olive oil, tea tree, lavender and more, which again is great because if you discover which ingredient works for you or that you enjoy the scent of, then you can buy a whole skincare system to suit your skin type.

Have you tried any Dr. Organic products? What gift sets are you buying your loved ones this Christmas? Do you look out for skincare with particular ingredients?

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