Dr Organic Snail Gel Review

When new beauty products are released it can seem like groundhog day, especially if you’re a skincare junkie who likes to try all of the latest products.  I’m sure many of you will agree that whilst lots of the new products perform really well, they’re not necessarily anything new.  With than in mind, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for sounding surprised when this landed on my doorstep…

Dr Organic Snail Gel

Dr Organic Snail Gel*

That’s right, snail gel, the latest celebrity wonder ingredient that is made from the slime of snails.  It is loved for its unique anti-aging properties.

However it really baffles me as to how the correlation between the benefits of snail slime to skin was discovered in the first place.  Apparently snail slime was first found to be of benefit to the skin when Chilean snail farmers observed their skin healing much more quickly without scarring when they handled the snails that they were exporting to the French food industry.  After this, the snail gel phenomenon took off in Japan where you can have a facial treatment with live snails for a hefty £160 price tag.

Now I’m not being precious by any stretch of the imagination but you haven’t got a cat in hells chance of me having a facial with snails crawling all over my face however, a face cream I’m willing to try.

Dr Organic have released an Organic Snail Gel that contains the snail gel but at a much more affordable price of £19.99 from Holland and Barrett.  The mucus from the snails is collected as they crawl over special glass and plastic surfaces, meaning that they aren’t harmed in the process.  The mucus contains Helix Aspera Muller which is made up of proteins, glycolic acids, allantoin, moisture binding hyaluronic acid and elastin.  All of these help to regenerate and repair the snail’s membrane and shell and guess what, it does the same to your skin too as it really helps to plump up the skin, leaving it feeling and looking super smooth and refined.

The Dr Organic Snail Gel also includes aloe vera which is very cooling and helps to reduce redness in the skin and it also contains lemongrass which gives it this gorgeous lemon sherbet smell, just like refresher bars!  The gel feels instantly cooling and refreshing on the skin and it is a freshness that lasts and the lemon scent is very awakening and zingy.  I love it!

In the four weeks leading up to Christmas, Holland and Barrett saw their sales of Snail Gel sore by nearly 700% after it was on TV.  Woah.  Now I’m not one to jump on the band wagon (cough cough) BUT this stuff is actually great and once I got over the idea of the snail mucus, I really enjoyed trying it out and would say that it is definitely worth the hype.  I would definitely recommend trying it out yourself!

You can pick up your own pot here.

What are your thoughts on snail gel?

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  1. Phoebe Dixon
    January 10, 2014 / 11:55 am

    I've heard this is really affective for acne scarring. Really intrigued by it!www.northoflondonblog.com

    • WhatLauraLoves
      January 16, 2014 / 2:18 am

      I don't have acne scarring so can't say for definite but I've heard that its good for that too xxx

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