Dr.Ceuticals Firm and Sculpt Arm Gel

For almost 2 months I have been taking part in the ultimate blogger challenge with Dr Ceuticals who have launched a new range of high performance body care products to help to perfect problem areas and banish lumps and bumps by Christmas!  There were three products to choose from; Bottom Lift and Tone, Tummy Tone and Firm and Sculpt Arm Gel, and they are all formulated with key ingredients which are, most importantly, proven to work and give results within weeks when combined with easy little exercises.  All of these products have been designed to target problem areas and make a big difference to the most common complaints which I’m sure we’ve all whinged about at some point, especially as we get older; loss of firmness, sagging and cellulite.

So which area of my body was I most concerned about?  Bingo Wings!

Dr Ceuticals Firm & Sculpt Arm Gel


I chose to review the Firm and Sculpt Arm Gel because I’ve been really focusing on toning my arms when in the gym over the last couple of months as they’ve always been a really weak part of my body and I really wanted to see how Dr Ceuticals arm gel could boost the results.  Whilst I am not ashamed of my arms and I haven’t been afraid to get them out, even when I was at my biggest, they are a flabby area of my body and whilst the skin is soft, I can flap my bingo wings better than any chicken out there, making them an area that I really do want to improve.  Particularly as I get older, I know that the skin in the arm area has a tendency to sag and hang loose, regardless of weight, as the skin looses elastin and collagen which are the vital fibres that hold the skin together, so if I can defy the laws of gravity and laugh in the face of ageing by using a product targeted at that problem area then I will!

 First of all, whilst the packaging has nothing to do with the performance of the product, I think it is worthwhile noting how clear and concise it is. It doesn’t baffle you with science like some packaging does and if this was on a shelf in Boots then I would know exactly what it is that I was buying and exactly what it claimed to do.  With that in mind, lets take a look at the information on the front of the box which tells you exactly what this product is going to do.  When testing out and reviewing this product these are the points that I am using to mark it’s effectiveness.

The Dr Ceuticals Firm and Sculpt Arm Gel is designed to:

  • “Firm & Tone- Formulated to target the upper arm area.  Helps give firmness and tone back to skin.

  • Protect- Neutralises free radicals and protects skin’s supply of anti-ageing Vitamin C

  • Boost Moisture- Reinforces collagen production.  Rich in antioxidants.”

I have been using the Firm and Sculpt Arm Gel both on a morning and last thing at night for the last two months.  A little bit of the gel goes a long way so I find that I only need a large pea sized amount per upper arm… think marrowfat rather than garden pea.  Anyway, I digress.

I find that it is a combination of the product itself mixed with the circular massaging action used when rubbing the product into the concentrated area that really helps to sculpt the arms.  The gel isn’t sticky at all and it is easy to work into the skin.  It remains damp for a minute or so before fully sinking into the skin leaving the skin feeling moisturised and hydrated.  The appearance of the skin on my arms has definitely improved since using this.  It does look less flabby and wobbly in that the skin looks firmer, more youthful, plumped up and smooth.  I’m loving the results so far and will definitely continue using it for the recommended 3 full months and I’ll let you all know the results at the end.

The Firm and Sculpt Arm Gel is available from Boots both online and in store for £16.99 for a 150ml bottle.  Now don’t all rush out at once, I don’t want to be blamed for any pushing and shoving commotion, but we do have Christmas parties coming up, remember, and how nice would it be to look and feel great in front of your work colleagues at the Christmas do?

All of the products from this Dr Ceuticals range take a minimum of 28 days to see the results and with longer use the results are supposed to get better and better so if you have a body concern like I have then I’d really recommend getting one of these little wonders ASAP and you too could have really improved your problem area by Christmas!

What is your problem area?  What products have you found to really help?


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