Dry Shampoo Disaster – Batiste vs Superdrug Away with the Fairies

This is a bit of a negative review on a product ive tried recently but hopefully you’ll be able to find some positives in it.

I am quite possibly Batiste’s biggest fan.  I adore dry shampoo and have been using it for years.  My natural hair is very fine and can get greasy really easily.  I can wash and style it on a morning and by the evening, its limp and starting to look greasy which isnt great if i am wanting to go straight out after uni or if i dont have enough time to wash and style my hair again before going out.  I always try to not touch my fringe too much so as to not transfer any oils from my hands onto my hair and when using conditioner I only put it on the midlengths to ends but my hair still ends up greasy.  Dry shampoo is perfect for helping me to achieve a gorgeous hairstyle all day long.  I usually use Batiste dry shampoo for this and ive never had any problems.  Ive heard some people say that they arent too keen on it because of the dry powder that it produces but ive found that if you dont hold and spray it too close to your head and rub quite vigarously then the powder soaks up any oils and leaves your hair revived and refreshed.  This dry shampoo is also fantastic for giving volume which i love as my hair is pretty lifeless.  Batiste offer different fragrances in their dry shampoo range and ive tried them all; theyre fantastic!  The Blush fragrance is my favourite as it leaves my hair smelling gorgeous!  I usually buy mine from Superdrug and theyre £2.09 but sometimes they have special offers on, which i ALWAYS take advantage of!

So anyway, I was in Superdrug at the weekend picking up a few bits and noticed they had their own range of dry shampoo.  At only £1.49 a can i thought id give it ago.  This is what the can looks like:

Superdrug Dry Shampoo £1.49

This is Superdrug’s own dry shampoo in Away with the Fairies.  I think there were a couple of other ones too.  Unfortunately, i was really disappointed with this product.  I used it exactly as directed yet it didnt do anything to revive my hair.  In fact, it made it look shiney and more greasy.  Rather than it coming out as a fine misty powder like i thought it was going to be, it was more like a wet look hairspray.  Perhaps ive just bought a dodgy one, but theres doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the product, except that it doesnt work.  Gutted to say the least!  The only thing that I like about this product is that the packaging is nice and it smells nice, if a little like alcohol.

Id really really recommend dry shampoo if youve got hair that gets greasy easily, if you need a little refreshing in between washes or if you need a little volume in your hair.  I just wouldnt recommend the Superdrugs own brand.  Stick with Batiste.  Its by far superior!


  1. missy_ellie_uk
    October 12, 2010 / 7:36 am

    I get through loads of dry shampoo too, Batiste Blush is also my favourite – I quite like the Diva one too although it's pretty strong smelling so better for nighttime!

  2. Vicky Howard
    November 7, 2010 / 9:20 pm

    Good review, I know now to avoid that Superdrug one tooxxhttp://thebeautymarked.blogspot.com/

  3. Laura
    November 8, 2010 / 12:44 am

    Thanks hun 🙂 Yep i would deffo avoid it! Batiste is so much better! xx

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