Easy Tricks To Keep Romance Alive Amid Parenting Struggles

The journey from being a romantic couple to busy parents is similar for most couples. It is easy to miss out on intimacy and attraction between sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and endless tantrums. Things hardly change when kids grow up because you are always busy dealing with homework and teen woes. Not to mention, the attraction wanes as you age. However, you need not compromise passion and love only because you start a new phase of life. Here are some easy tricks to keep the romance alive amid your parenting struggles.

Prioritize touch

Having kids in the family shouldn’t be a reason to shy away from physical touch. Most couples fail to prioritize it and end up drifting apart. Steal time to hug, hold hands, and kiss because touch is the key to keeping the spark alive. You need not be romantic at all times, but just making an effort to foster your closeness can take you a long way. Moreover, intimacy in your relationship shows your kids the virtues of a healthy marriage. 

Flirt often

Flirting may not be on your relationship checklist after marriage, but you must do it often after having kids. It keeps the playful element alive even during the dullest day. You need not be too loud about flirting with your spouse when the kids are around. Send a kinky text or put a romantic note under your partner’s pillow. Organise a surprise date night once in a while, but do send the kids off to the grandparents. 

Bring excitement to your bedroom

You cannot undermine the importance of physical intimacy when it comes to consolidating your relationships after having kids. Let nothing keep you from having fun in the bedroom. Reserve your private space for passionate moments instead of boring conversations. You can even buy a real whizzinator XXX to add thrill and experiment in bed. Indulge in your wild desires and focus on the sheer pleasure of being together as a couple, not parents.

Spoil each other

While you want to pamper your kids at all times, don’t forget to spoil each other. Plan a surprise for a partner to remind them how special they are for you. Think beyond gifts and love notes, and book a weekend trip at a nearby destination. Find help for looking after the kids because the trip should be only for you and your partner. Have the wildest time together to rekindle the fire in your relationship.

Be on the same page as parents

Keeping the romance alive as parents also requires emotional bonding. The best way you can do it is by being on the same page as parents. Decide a parenting style that works for both of you as it ensures no clashes and disputes down the line. Work as a team, and you will not have to worry about handling the struggles of the journey. Moreover, kids are far more comfortable with consistent behavior from both parents. 

Romance and parenting require a delicate balance, but you should miss out on neither of these. Follow these tips to become a perfect couple that is great at parenting as well!

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