Easy Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

No matter the size of your home, we can always fill our homes and be short on space. But the good news is that there are a number of ways when we can create some space in our home. By changing around the layout of the furniture in the home, adding mirrors, using vertical space, and even decluttering, you can change how it looks and give yourself some more space. 

One reason to make some changes and declutter is because when we feel cramped or overwhelmed with all that is around us, we can feel cramped and that can hinder our wellbeing. It can even lead to use feeling undervalued or small, especially if you’re in a small apartment in a big city, for example. So to help clear your home, and in turn, clear your mind, here are some of the ways that you can make your home feel more spacious, comfortable, relaxing, and decluttered.



A lot of us will have mirrors in the home that will serve a practical purpose; we use them in the bathroom for getting ready or in our bedroom to get dressed. But how often do you add a mirror in the room just because? Mirrors can do a lot to make a space look much larger and brighter. Positioning them by a window can also be a good way to reflect what is around, like trees, parks, and so on, as well as light. 


If you have a studio apartment or home that has some high ceilings, then using the loft space or high ceiling space can be a great idea. When you don’t have things taking up floor space, it can instantly feel more spacious and less cluttered. Even in a small home or apartment, you could have a high ceiling that can be really advantageous to enhancing the layout of a room. You could even create something like an extra storage area, even a sleeping area, and that can make the room look larger than it really is.


With Christmas coming up soon, the home can get even more decluttered. Decorations take up space and fill the home up, and new gifts that you get, as well as ones you are giving, can take up the space as well. So it can be a good idea to have a big declutter before you get too festive. It can be a refreshing way to start the new year. You could sell, giveaway, or recycle things that you no longer need, or even put some items that you don’t need immediately, into storage. You can learn more about this kind of short-term storage online, but it can really help if you need a bit of space. If you’ve not seen Marie Kondo on Netflix, then now is the time.  I read her book years ago, which I prefer to the series, and it really helped me.


If you are someone that collects beauty products and shampoo, and rarely finishes a bottle before opening a new one, then your bathroom could be one of the most decluttered in the home. So how about having a clean and organise of the bathroom? Some extra storage in there, like under the sink or with a storage mirror, can also make a difference.  Use up what you have before buying anything new and start operating a one in and one out policy when it comes to using products of the same kind.

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