Easy Ways To Look After Your Skin

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Maintaining any kind of beauty regime can be challenging when you have a lot going on in your life., especially if you’re travelling but if you get your skincare routine down to a well rehearsed fine art then you’ll find that you can quickly complete it while you’re on the go.  Keeping that skin looking healthy and glowing will help you to feel confident, so I’ve found.

Here are some of my top tips for easy ways to look after your skin.


I get so many questions asking me about the skincare products that I use but I always say that its the routine first and foremost that you need to get right.  Its unreal how many people are still using face wipes or micellar water alone to take their makeup off and clean their skin but it really doesn’t cut it at all.  Cleansing your skin effectively is the single most important thing that you should do to take care of your skin because it’ll ensure your skin isn’t clogged with dirt, pollution, SPF and makeup.  Everything you put on your skin after you’ve cleansed will be absorbed much more effectively on clean skin.

First off, ditch the face wipes once and for all.  Not only are they usually bad for the environment but they’re bad for your skin too.  The skin on faces that have makeup wipes used on them tend to feel more uneven and rough in texture and while you may think that your face looks clean, I can assure you that it certainly is not.  If you’d like to use micellar water, use it as the first step to a double cleanse at night and as your cleansing step in the AM.  At night, always follow up with a cream, balm or oil cleanse over the sink with a fresh, clean flannel to properly clean your skin.


When your skin isn’t getting enough moisture, it is inevitable that it may not look its best.  Dehydrated skin tends to look lacklustre and can often show dehydration lines that can be mistaken for ageing lines.  If you’re travelling and you go somewhere where the air is significantly drier and the temperature feels hotter then your skin will soon feel the effects.

In order to stay hydrated, make sure that you’re getting enough water – something that is good for your general health anyway.  However, this alone won’t always restore your skin, especially if you are sensitive to the effects of dry air.  

For keeping your skin in prime condition while you’re on the move, Crème Prodigieuse Boost from Nuxe is a great option.  This anti-aging cream has been designed with a hectic lifestyle in mind.  Each of the five products in the line features a potent antioxidant blend, including Jasmine flower and Vitamin C.  Each of the five products in this range also comes in a convenient travel-sized package, making them easy to fit into any suitcase or travel bag.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, anti-aging cream is always a good essential to have in your beauty collection once you hit your mid twenties.  Take care of your skin at all times, even when travelling and your complexion will thank you for it!


When you’re travelling, you want to make your skincare routine as simple but as thorough as possible.  One way to help you along with this is to ditch the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturiser instead.  This will give your skin a gorgeous glow but it’ll not require the same kind of removal that a heavy foundation would as its much easier to cleanse your skin with a lighter layer on your skin.


When you’re travelling, you’re often exposing your body to a whole host of bugs, bacteria, and other things that your body isn’t accustomed to.  This can lead you to becoming unwell while you’re away and adjusting; it’s often caused by the unfamiliar bacteria that disrupt the body’s delicate balance of gut fauna.

Just as your insides are being exposed to all kinds of new microscopic wonders, so too is your skin.  Not only that but the world around you is literally covered in microbes and other imperceptibly small things that will transfer to your hands every time you touch something during the day.  By washing your hands often and minimising the amount of contact with your face, you will reduce the chances of your skin breaking out.

When you are travelling, you probably aren’t quite as fussed about how you look.  However, your skin is so intrinsically linked to how you feel about yourself and since its the largest organ in the body, it really is important that you take care of it.  With the right approach to your skincare and good products (like anti-aging moisturiser and serum!) you can maintain healthy skin for the duration of your travels.

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