Empties #07 Turkey Holiday Edition Part 1

I’ve just got back from two gorgeous weeks in Turkey. Mr WLL and I decided to go away to celebrate my birthday and we had the time of our lives, the best holiday we’ve ever had. The last time we went to Turkey, we were massively over on our baggage allowance at the airport on the outward flight and had to pay a small fortune in excess baggage charges so this time we were determined to pack lightly, starting with toiletries.

All of the toiletries that I took with us were designed to be used up fully whilst on the holiday and we succeeded in doing that so I have lots of empties posts coming up. I know when many people go away they take big bottles of products then just leave whatever is left over there but I actually wanted to use up lots of travel sized products that I had and only take the full size products I knew I would fully use and then just leave the empty bottle over in Turkey, after all, there’s not much point in paying for a product then leaving half of it, it is just a waste of money in my eyes.

Garnier Mineral Invisible Anti White Marks Deodorant

This deodorant claims to give 48hr non stop protection and whilst I haven’t tested that out what with showering daily, etc I can confirm that it does keep you feeling fresh and dry all day long.  It has a lovely fresh fragrance that is pretty unisex as both Mr WLL and I used this all holiday long.  I think that’s key when packing for a holiday as a couple, take products you can both use.  We found it was soft and gentle on our skin and it didn’t sting or burn when applied, particularly as our skin was sensitive after being in the sun all day, I’m assuming this is because the deodorant is alcohol free.  It dries really quickly after it is applied too and definitely doesn’t leave white marks which is something I look for in a deodorant as I hate white marks that then transfer onto my clothes.  I’d definitely repurchase this deodorant in future as it is a great buy at only £1.99 from Savers.

Weleda Creamy Body Wash Minis

I first reviewed these body wash minis back in July and repurchased them as soon as I ran out.  They were perfect to take on holiday with me; strongly fragranced and with them being thick and creamy, they were very moisturising which is exactly what my skin needed after a day in the sun.  These 5 minis lasted us the full two weeks, having a shower each everyday.  I’d definitely repurchase these in future.

Insette Clubbers Extra Hold Hair Spray

These are great little hairsprays that come in a pack of three, very cheaply from shops like Savers and Body Care.  I just took one on holiday with me but in reality I could have done with the other two, or one medium sized can as I put my hair up more than I’d imagined I would.  The Insette hair spray held my hair in place all night and brushed out easily when I got back to the hotel so my hair was manageable around the pool the next day.

Travelling Body Breezed Parfum Deodorant Spray

This body spray is from the Insette Clubbers range so like the hair spray above, it is available in a pack of three, really cheaply from Savers.  I took this away with me just to keep in my bag for nights where we would be up dancing and I may need to freshen up.  It’s a musky, quite heavy scent and it does last a few hours on the skin.  I’d recommend it simply because it’s small and handy for travelling but there are better quality, low budget body sprays out there from the likes of Impulse.

Aquafresh Ultimate +whitening toothpaste, £1.29 from Savers

I chose this Aquafresh toothpaste mainly because of the packaging; it’s lightweight, soft and squeezy making it perfect for travelling.  It’s just the right size for two weeks away too.  The toothpaste itself has quite a strong mint taste and does a good job of cleaning teeth and freshening breath.  It is £1.29 from Savers so an absolute bargain that I would repurchase for future holidays.

Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil

I first tried out the Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil in the Weleda Summer Travel Kit.  I took this away with me to use when my skin needed a boost of moisture and it made my skin feel so soft.  I’d definitely repurchase the full size bottle.  Since it is lemon scented it’s great for keeping mosquitoes away and helping your skin if you do get a bite too.

Decleor Aroma Sun Repairing After Sun Balm for Body and Face

I’ve used the full size of both of these products before and these were just a couple of minis I had lying around.  I used these after we had been on the boat trip and really caught the sun.  They deeply moisturised and nourished my skin and took the redness out of it.  These balms are lovely, I’d really recommend them and the Decleor Aroma Sun range as a whole as it is brilliant.

I’ll have more holiday empties coming up for you soon!  I hope you enjoyed this post!

What products did you use up on holiday?

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  1. Rebecca Recommends
    October 4, 2012 / 10:31 am

    Great post. I think it's silly that people bring loads of products on holiday then just leave them…such a waste! rrecommends.blogspot.co.uk/xx

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