Empties #08 Turkey Holiday Edition Part 2

Today I thought I’d share with you some more products that I used up on my recent holiday to Turkey.  Here’s the first post and I hope you enjoy part two!


Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo and Conditioner
I absolutely LOVE this shampoo and conditioner and would repurchase without a moments thought.  They’re designed for dull, brittle hair which mine certainly is, but it’s also very oily at the roots; I was interested to see how these would perform.  The shampoo is targeted at hair repair and contains liquid keratin, liquid silk and gloss enhancers which help to smooth and soften hair leaving it shiny and glossy but above all, clean.  I found that on my chlorine, sea salt and sun exposed hair this shampoo worked wonders at removing the build up from my holiday hair and softening my hair that was very sea crisp!  The conditioner softened my hair further and made it so easy to managing whilst adding a lovely healthy shine to my hair without making it greasy.  I was able to use it all over my hair and it didn’t make my roots any more oily than normal.  The gorgeous pearlescent pink packaging and slight floral fragrance just add to the beauty of this duo.  As I said, I’d repurchase in a heart beat!

O Mega Body Buff from Mama Mio Skincare
I got this in a Glossy Box AGES ago and kept it to one side to take on holiday.  I must say, I’m not a fan and wont be repurchasing.  I don’t like the smell of it, which is quite herbal scented.  It is full of finely ground bits which are pretty abrasive when used on dry skin but are rendered almost useless when used on wet skin.  This is definitely one to use out of the shower.  I had some dry peeling skin on the crease of my elbow and shoulder and used this on my skin before getting into the shower and it was great, removed all of the dry skin and prepared my skin for another day of tanning.  That aside, there are far better body scrubs out there.

Piz Buin After Sun Tan Intensifier Lotion
I’ve used this aftersun for years and whilst I don’t think it lives up to it’s claims of 24 hour hydration, I do think that it is one of the few aftersuns that actually moisturise the skin to some extent and make it feel soft and smooth.  In the past I’ve used other aftersuns and once they’ve dried I’ve ended up having to use another body moisturiser straight afterwards but not with this one.  I tend to apply it, go out for the evening and before I go to bed I top it up with a little body moisturiser if I feel the need.  It contains vitamin E which helps to prevent premature skin ageing which I like the sound of too… I’ll let you know in 20 years time if it has worked!  Whilst the Piz Buin lotion contains ‘tanimel’ to intensify the wearers tan, I’m not sure how far I believe that it has deepened my tan but I do think that keeping the skin moisturised and hydrated after sun exposure helps to prolong the tan and reduces peeling.  It has that great Piz Buin scent too that just screams HOLIDAY to me!  Whilst this is a nice after sun, I wouldn’t repurchase it.  I actually have quite a few of these in the house that I’m trying to use up as a couple of years ago I found my holy grail after sun and I’ve never turned back…

Piz Buin Tan Intensifier SPF15
This is a medium strength sun tan lotion spray that does the job of keeping me burn free whilst away on holiday.  Again, this is a product I’ve used time and time again over the years and whilst I prefer an oil formula in sun protection I still take one of these away with me on my travels.  I find using a lotion as my first sun tan application of the day and then topping it up with an SPF oil spray keeps my skin hydrated and produces the best tan whilst stopping me from burning.  This tan also has the signature Piz Buin scent that I know and love!

Clarins Water Purify One Step Cleanser with mint essential water
This one step cleanser is a staple in my inflight beauty routine and I took loads of these away with me on holiday this year.  It really is just one step and removes all of my makeup, excess oil and dirt in one go.  This one is designed for combination or oily skin and it is soooo cleansing and purifying.  I love it as it is so simple to use; I tip a little onto a cotton pad and leave it to dry, there’s no need to rinse off at all.  I have the full size of this at home but always pick up these samples when I go to my local Clarins counter for when I travel.

Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with pink clay and Planet Spa from Avon Dead Sea Minerals Facial Mud Mask and Hydrating Olive Oil Mask
Face masks are an essential part of my holiday toiletry bag and I used several of these little minis while I was away.  The Clarins was just a sample, a very nice one but not big enough to fully give my opinion on.  I would definitely purchase the full size to try out and fully review for you all, simply because I trust the Clarins brand so much.  I applied it to my t zone, left it for 10 minutes to harden and then washed it off using a face cloth ran under warm water as a little extra exfoliation.  The results weren’t instant, I think you’d need a couple of full face applications but from what I saw, I liked.  My t zone was deeply cleaned, oil free and the skin was looking bright.  As for the Planet Spa masks, they’re great.  The olive oil once is really hydrating and moisturising, I would often leave it on over night to really sink in and then wash it off with my morning shower and the dead sea minerals mask was, aside from the bright blue colour, very deep cleansing- perfect for days spent applying lots of sun tan lotion!  The Avon face masks come in handy one use 5ml sachets which are perfect for travelling and great to keep in your hand luggage bag to save the extra weight in your suitcase!

Dirty Works Banish The Bags Eye Cream
This is a great brightening eye cream that I used throughout my holiday from my time on the plane to the evenings after I’d removed my make up before bed.  I reviewed this here and would definitely repurchase it.  It’s a great budget beauty buy.

Dirty Works Lift and Firm Super Skin Serum
Again this is another product I used on the plane and as part of my morning and evening makeup routine.  I’ve already repurchased this.  Read my full review here.

Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Ladies Razor
I always have a pack of these disposable razors in my beauty drawer at home as they’re perfect for travelling.  They’re really sharp without being a cutting hazard and stay that way for the duration of my two week travels when I go abroad.  I’d definitely recommend them.

Decelor Aroma Sun Tan Accelerator
This is one of Decleor’s pre sun care products.  It contains essential oils and plant extracts in signature Decleor style and has lots of good ingredients inside to help prepare the skin for holiday tanning.  I use the full size of this for about a week before I go on holiday all over my face and body, morning and night and then I tend to take a little sample away or decant a little into another bottle for the first couple of days to use on my face while I’m on holiday.  It really helps my skin to develop a gorgeous golden tan.

Decelor Aroma Sun Expert Soothing After Sun Milk
Remember that holy grail after sun I mentioned?  Well this is it, from Decleor.  It is my favourite out of all of those I’ve tried over the years and I repurchase it year on year.  The packaging is a bit of a pain as it doesn’t get all of the product out so it can be quite wasteful if you’re not careful but it’s the most moisturising and hydrating I’ve ever used, even more so than the Piz Buin and smells amazing.  It is very creamy, very milky and very, very hydrating whilst being a fantastic moisturiser; I cannot fault the aftersun itself.  I love, love love it!

What products do you take away with you?

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