Enhancing your new build’s outdoor oasis

If you’ve just bought a new house, chances are that it hasn’t had much attention paid to its garden beyond the bare minimum to get it looking neutral and presentable.

Part of turning the blank canvas of a new build into a fulfilling home, though, is to make the outdoor space your own as well. There are links between gardening and positive health benefitstoo but, even if you only have so much of a green thumb, it’s worth putting some work in early doors to get it looking how you want. Let’s explore how.

Sort the soil and plants

One of the most effective ways to transform the garden of your new build into a warm and charming place is to sort out the soil and add plants, bringing in vibrant hues that will make it feel like home. Preparing the space for your desired plants not only enhances the appeal but also helps incorporate possibilities to add landscaping such as pathways or paving. Next is time to consider the plants that will align with your vision, exploring options such as window boxes, raised flower beds or other creative arrangements. 

Add a patio

While preparing the soil, also consider the placement of a patio. Having a raised area can add valuable dimension to your outdoor space and it also serves as a great place to set up your outdoor furniture or potted plants. A patio also improves the curb appeal of your outdoor space, adding value should you ever come to sell your property in the future.

Set up for entertaining

One of the main benefits of having a garden is the ability to enjoy its atmosphere with friends and family, so kitting it out to host a few people or more is a crucial step of the process. You can look into picking up a comfy outdoor sofa or two for some relaxing under the stars or invest in a spacious table and chairs for al fresco dining or board game nights.

If you do set up furniture outside, though, remember to consider setting up some kind of cover to protect it from the elements, such as a veranda with a transparent roof so that your view of nature isn’t impeded.

Encourage wildlife

A great way to make your new home feel more alive is to welcome more living creatures into your garden! You can look out for the local wildlife through all kinds of methods, from setting up bird boxes and baths to planting flowers with high nectar content for bees to have their fill. You’ll be actively participating in nurturing the ecosystem.

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