My Choice of Uggs for this Winter

Every winter, without fail, I buy a pair of Uggs.  Sometimes even two.  Ive had some quite colourful ones but this winter I wanted a staple colour that would go with most things.  I decided on these Bailey Button UGGS in the colour sand:

Bailey Button Ugg Boots

These are a similar size to the Classic Short Ugg boot which are calf height.  I have these in sand too but ive had them for years and they’re starting to look a little past it so these are a great update to them.

They have a gorgeous Ugg branded button on the side and an elastic band to keep the sides together.  They open up at the side too which is great for when you’re tucking your pants in and making sure theres no bunching at the tops.  It means you can style the tops of the boots too as the way they open at the sides creates like flaps so you can play around with folding the cuffs down etc.

Like all Uggs they are so comfortable to wear and the sheepskin is so soft.  Ill be wearing mine with leggings or with thick black tights if im wearing a skirt. Love Love Love!

I bought mine at a shop called Daniel Footwear.  They were £160 which is pretty pricey but considering they’re never off my feet in the autumn/winter/spring, its money well spent.  I know a lot of people who buy copies from Priceless shoes and other shops and whilst they may look ok, they dont stand up to British weather and end up looking awful after a day out in the rain.

Last year I bought the Ugg Care Kit from Daniel Footwear too for £22 and used it on these Uggs as well as all my others. I never normally buy the aftercare products as I think that some shops just try to sell you things to get more money out of you when you dont really need it.  But trust me, the Ugg Care Kit is fantastic!  You get everything you need to protect your Uggs from the elements and keep them looking brand new.  The kit contains a cleaner & conditioner liquid, water stain repellent, a freshener spray, a brush and a scuff eraser.  If you’re spending that much on good boots, you wanna protect them 🙂

What are your Uggs of choice this winter?

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