Face Mask Pampering from Mudd

Over the last month, I’ve been trying out three face masks from Mudd; the original, sea and peel-off masks.  I love using face masks twice a week when I’m having a pampering bath.  All of these need to be left on for about 15 minutes so I tend to wash my hair, pop on my hair mask, pop on my face mask and then use a body scrub, shave and have a soak while the masks get to work.  Not only is this a time saving, skin loving experience but a relaxing one at that.

Mudd Sea Mask


The Mudd sea mask is a clay formula that is designed to hydrate the skin.  It combines natural marine protein, vitamins and minerals with pure clay in a formula that is designed to absorb excess oil and the sea kelp, seaweed and moss in it which are there to hydrate the skin.  This one is perfect for using on dehydrated, dry or sun damaged skin.  If you’re looking for a face mask to take on holiday then I’d really recommend this one as it does a great job at putting moisture into your skin, making it look bright which is what you need after a day sunbathing.  It has a lovely scent too, feminine, slightly floral, sweet and clean.  To apply, I run a muslin cloth under warm water and then rest it on my face for a minute or so to open my pores and dampen my face, then I apply the mask all over my face and down onto my neck, leave it for 15 minutes to harden and then I wash it off using a warm damp muslin cloth which polishes the skin after the hydrating mask and ensures all of the mask and dead skin cells are removed from the skin.  The hydrating Sea Mask removes all impurities, dirt and deeply embedded makeup from my skin leaving it ultra clean and refreshed but hydrated and full of life.

Mudd Original Mask


The application method I use for the Mudd Original Mask is the same as the sea mask as I find it works equally as well to use it in this way.  The scent I would say is slightly sharper and a little more masculine fragranced than the sea mask.  Mr WLL and I both use this one and it works equally well on both of our skin.  The Original Mask is very deeply cleansing, it removes many of my blackheads, particularly around my nose, reduces my pores in this area and leaves my skin feeling very clean and smooth.

Mudd Peel-Off Mask


I absolutely love using this, simply because of the peel off action as I love seeing the dead skin cells clinging to the mask, it’s very satisfying.  Gosh I sound like an idiot!!  The Mudd Peel-Off Mask has more of a citrus fruity scent to the other two and gently cleanses the skin.  I apply it to damp skin, leave for 15 minutes and then peel it away.  My skin looks and feels soft and very smooth afterwards.

Other than the actual mask, the thing that I love most about these Mudd masks is the packaging.  They come in handy 5 use resealable packs which are great as you just flip the lid, squeeze out the amount you need and then replace the lid meaning that you don’t waste any product and it doesn’t dry out either.  They’re also available in one use sachets and in a 10 application version of the ones I have here.

I think they’re fantastic value for money too at just £3.05 from Boots instore and online.

What type of masks do your prefer- clay or peel-off?

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  1. EmmaMarie
    September 8, 2012 / 12:40 pm

    I saw these in boots yesterday and was soooo tempted to buy!! Wish I did now! X

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